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ULTRA4 Superlift Race Recap [GALLERY]

Nitto Arkansas Ultra4 Superlift Loren Derek Rick Off road racing offroad drivingline king of the hammers koh-17 ULTRA4 is back! This past weekend, Superlift Off-Road Park in Hot Springs, Arkansas held the first East Coast race of the season. This race was host to many problems for the competitors due to the sharp rocks, tight forest sections, and mud. Many competitors tore through tires and bounced off trees resulting in frequent pit stops and some unable to finish the race. Early leader Bill Baird had a great race until around the 4th of 5 laps when he sustained enough damage to take him out of the race. The battle for first was hot between Chicky Barton and team Nitto driver Erik Miller. Shannon Campbell started dead last and was hunting down each driver one by one. Although Miller was 2nd through the line, taking account for elapsed time, Campbell took 2nd place with a total time just a fraction of a second faster then Miller who claimed 3rd. Chicky Barton took home his very first win in his new car that was debuted during 2014 King of the Hammers. As the sun began to set, on came the most anticipated event of the weekend - the third ULTRA4 vs. SRRS rock bouncing shootout. The course looked simple enough and appeared to offer very little difficulty. The competition turned out to be quite the opposite. Many rigs put on quite a show by flipping over, rolling, and pulling off some spectacular maneuvers trying to evade landing upside down. However, Tom Wayes took the win (2 runs with combined times) resulting in another ULTRA4 victory! Nitto Tire driver Loren Healy took home the fastest single time of the night laying down a blazing fast run! id  14746

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