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KOH 2017: Racing Thoughts Before the Big Day

How to conquer the toughest one-day desert race on earth: Team Nitto drivers talk mindset and strategy leading up to the King of The Hammers Main Race. Eye on the prize.

2017 King of the Motos [Gallery]

The largest number of racers to date put their two-wheels on the line for a chance at King of the Motos.

KOH Driver Profile: Jason Scherer

With over 18 years of racing experience under his belt and numerous podium finishes, Jason is ready to double down and take on KOH.

KOH Driver Profile: Bailey Campbell

As the first woman to ever finish King of The Hammers in the top 5, Bailey has established herself as a serious competitor.

KOH Driver Profile: Wayland Campbell

Don't be deceived by his young age; what Wayland lacks in experience, he makes up for in raw talent and determination.

Build a Buggy: Jason Scherer's Two-Seater Gavel

Papercraft your way to a buggy of your own with this v2.0 of Jason Scherer's Gavel.

Jason Scherer Doubles Down for 2017 Ultra4 Season

Are two Jasons better than one? Find out how Jason is making room for a co-driver in The Gavel leading up to KOH.

Everything You Need for 2017 King of the Hammers

Want to know what to expect at 2017 King of the Hammers? Read on for the week’s Ultra4 racing schedule in Johnson Valley to all of the coverage and galleries you’ll need.

2017 King of The Hammers: Past Kings' Outlook on This Year's Race

Wondering what these past Kings are thinking as the days count down?

The King’s Chariot: Erik Miller's 2016 KOH-Winning Car

Peeling back the layers on the Miller Motorsports Pro Series chassis.

Erik Miller's 2016 KOH-Winning Car [Video]

A closer look at the King's battle-proven racer.

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Portraits of KOH

Barbie Jeep Racing: The KOH Race You Didn't Hear About!

It's serious fun and carnage.

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