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Unleashing the Beast: The First Long-Travel 3rd Gen Ford Raptor

The third generation of the Ford Raptor is a high-performance off-road pickup truck that exudes power, capability, and ruggedness. Built to conquer tough off-road terrain at high-speeds, this beast is equipped with a formidable EcoBoost 3.5L V6 Twin-turbo engine delivering an astounding 450hp and 510 lb-ft of torque. Despite its capable suspension system and aggressive exterior design, we knew there was room for improvement, and teamed up with Evil Manufacturing to build the world’s first long travel 3rd Gen F-150 Raptor. This collaboration took the Built2Wander Raptor's already advanced suspension system to new heights, enhancing its ability to absorb and conquer obstacles with ease, making it a force to be reckoned with on any off-road adventure.


J-Arm Front Suspension with Bilstein Bypass Shocks and Coilovers

The 2022 Ford Raptor received an extraordinary suspension transformation by Evil Manufacturing. Every detail was carefully engineered to enhance performance, resulting in a suspension system that surpasses all expectations. The custom-built upper J-Arms and lower control arms widened the truck by 3.5 inches at each corner, improving stability on and off-road. With 60mm Bilstein 9200 series triple bypass and coilover shocks expertly integrated, the Raptor achieved an impressive 19 inches of wheel travel, 6 inches more than the stock 37” tire edition. This increased wheel travel allowed for superior dampening control and a smoother ride at high speeds off-road. The connection between the control arms and the hub was reinforced with a meticulously crafted spindle that features a robust 4130 hub lock. Wider CV axles, tie rods, and limiting straps completed the comprehensive long-travel upgrade, solidifying the Raptor's confidence to conquer any terrain with confidence.


Cantilever Rear Suspension

The rear suspension of the 2022 Ford Raptor is nothing short of remarkable, boasting innovations that make it truly stand out. While achieving long-travel in the rear typically requires compromising storage space by placing the upper shock mounts through the truck-bed, Evil Manufacturing devised an ingenious solution. They developed a cantilever suspension system that mounts the shocks horizontally alongside the frame rails underneath the truck bed. This innovative design preserves precious storage capacity for essential items like a spare tire, accessory fuel, or even a dirt bike. The cantilever system incorporates a traditional 5-link setup with custom-fabricated upper and lower control arms, complemented by a pan-hard bar to maintain rear axle alignment beneath the truck. The addition of 60mm Bilstein 9200 series triple bypass and coilover shocks takes the rear-wheel travel to an astonishing 22-inches, representing an impressive 8-inch increase compared to the stock 37-inch tire edition Raptor. This exceptional rear suspension setup marks the debut of the first long-travel 3rd Gen Raptor of its kind, further cementing its status as a trailblazer in off-road performance. 


Fiberwerx Front Fenders and Rear Bed Sides

To complement the widened track width achieved with the Evil Manufacturing Long-Travel Suspension System, we partnered with Fiberwerx Fiberglass Products for their expertise in ensuring proper tire coverage and unrestricted suspension movement. Specifically tailored for the Ford Raptor, we installed their fiberglass front fenders and rear bedsides, perfectly designed to accommodate the Raptor's enhanced dimensions. The front fenders extend tire coverage by two inches, while the rear bedsides provide an impressive 2.5-inches of coverage, alongside an additional inch of tire clearance. Additionally, these components deliver the practical advantage of maintaining all factory lighting, vents, and sensors. The Fiberwerx fiberglass components seamlessly integrate with the Raptor's design, providing both style and functionality, while ensuring the suspension can articulate freely without interference.


37” Nitto Trail Grapplers and Teraflex Beadlock Wheels

To fully harness the Raptor’s 450 horsepower and leverage the long-travel suspension system, ensuring ample grip is crucial. With this in mind, we selected a set of 37” Nitto Tire Trail Grapplers, mounted on a set of Teraflex Olympus Beadlock Off-Road Wheels. The Nitto Trail Grappler combines an aggressive mud tread design with impressive on-road performance, delivering a quiet and smooth ride. Its 3-ply sidewall construction and strategically arranged tread blocks provide exceptional traction on washed-out trails while minimizing the risk of punctures in challenging terrains. Complementing the Trail Grapplers, the Teraflex Olympus wheels feature functional beadlocks and integrated air-down valves. These features enable us to decrease tire pressure, ensuring optimal grip in the most demanding trail conditions. With this tire and wheel combination, we achieve the ideal balance between off-road capability and on-road comfort, allowing the Raptor to conquer any terrain with confidence and precision.


Evil Manufacturing Bumpers

To optimize approach and departure angles while providing enhanced protection, we turned to Evil Manufacturing for their custom designed front and rear bumpers. The Pure Evil Pre-Runner front bumper has been created to maximize clearance by chopping the front frame horns, while an aluminum skid plate offers maximum defense against potential obstacles on the trail. For superior visibility in dark and dusty conditions, we mounted four Baja Designs LP6 Pro LED lights onto the front bumper, featuring a combination of white and amber lighting to illuminate the trail. Moving to the rear, the Heathen rear bumper showcases a dovetail style that not only maximizes clearances but also maintains the sleek pre-runner aesthetic. This bumper seamlessly integrates the factory hitch and backup sensors, and includes a robust 1/8" top plate with reverse dimple die holes to provide a secure grip when accessing the truck bed. With Evil Manufacturing's meticulously engineered front and rear bumpers, our 2022 Ford Raptor gains both an aggressive look and enhanced functionality for conquering any terrain.



To perfect the comprehensive build of our 3rd Gen Raptor, we added several essential accessories. Firstly, a custom bed rack from Evil Manufacturing was incorporated, offering secure storage for a full-size 37" spare Nitto Trail Grappler, an accessory fuel can, and even a dirt bike. This versatile addition ensures convenience and readiness for any adventure. Additionally, we installed an Evil Manufacturing 3rd Brake Light equipped with a rear-facing camera, providing valuable visibility of the truck bed. To illuminate the bed at night, two Baja Designs S2 flush-mounted LEDs were seamlessly integrated into the brake light assembly. To enhance visibility around the vehicle during nighttime off-road excursions, Baja Designs Rock Lights were strategically positioned at all four wheel wells, illuminating the path of travel. These thoughtfully selected accessories not only elevate the functionality and versatility of the Raptor but also enhance safety and convenience, ensuring an exceptional experience during any off-road journey.


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