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Watch "The Mad Life" Trailer and Try to Contain Your Excitement

“It’s crazy to think how far this sport has taken me, and I feel like we’re only just getting started.”

As quickly as the drift king's opening words hook you in... this quiet, retrospective atmosphere is cut short by the welcome sound of a screaming rotary. Welcome to "The Mad Life" of Mad Mike Whiddett. There's not much time for sitting still when you have places to go and sponsor commitments to keep — not to mention a whole motorsport team to run — around the world.

Scheduled to release December 15 on Red Bull TV, this 50-minute documentary follows the professional drifter on his whirlwind of a journey in 2016, through the MAD, the BAD and the RAD.

Sure, things might get a little crazy at times, but you can expect nothing less than full throttle from Mad Mike.

Watch the video above for the official teaser from Red Bull as you count down the days until the premiere of "The Mad Life"!

(Looks like Team Nitto driver Vaughn Gittin Jr. made the trailer cut, too!)

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