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Welcome To The Driving Line Booth

01dl sema 2015 d3 jw booth 03 03

There's always so much to see and so much to do every year at the SEMA Show, so we wanted to make sure our Driving Line booth was one of the "must-see" stops this year. It might be our first time doing this, but we didn't hold anything back. With Driving Line banners so big hoisted up to be seen from the streets, people couldn't help but notice. Part 1 was to get them wondering and check us out, part 2 was to blow their minds and these are the highlights on how we did it.

Vehicles, vehicles, vehicles!

What's a SEMA show without wheel'd wonders? People come here to check out cars, trucks and everything in-between. As a new media that wants to cater to all enthusiasts, we had to have a diverse all-star line up.

02dl sema 2015 d1 jp booth 01 1473

The Evasive Motorsports Porsche GT3 put on a fresh new set of wheels just to come kick it with us all week.

03dl sema 2015 d3 jp booth 02 1857

From Rocket Bunny to Snow Bunny, the SSA Acura NSX shed its chrome blue look from last year.

04dl sema 2015 d1 jp booth 04 1490

Vaughn Gittin Jr. let his Ford Mustang RTR come out to play with us.

05dl sema 2015 d1 jp booth 08 1516

This super clean Chevy Camaro was flexing its American muscle for the ladies to ooh laa laa over.

06dl sema 2015 d3 jp booth 03 1861

Everyone couldn't get over this beastly Starwood Motors Jeep JK8.

07dl sema 2015 d3 jp booth 01 1851

Usually covered in dirt and mud from so many Ultra4 victories, Loren Healy's Dragon Slayer cleans up nice.

08dl sema 2015 d3 jp booth 04 1870

And finally the pièce de résistance. Sung Kang's Rocket Bunny Datsun Z aka Fugu Z was built by the awesome team at Greddy and then driven out by Sung himself here to SEMA.

Driving Line Magazine Issue 5

09dl sema 2015 d1 jp booth 03 1480

You saw the sign and you stayed for the vehicles. The least we could do was make sure you didn't leave empty handed.

10dl sema 2015 d1 jp booth 02 1477

We debuted our latest issue of Driving Line Magazine, which features Formula D driver and Top Gear USA host Tanner Foust, and made sure everyone walking by took an issue home with them.

Take a Poster, it'll Last Longer.

11dl sema 2015 d1 jp booth 05 1497

Here's something to hang up on your wall, a poster that captures the emotion between a man and his Z Dream. In case you didn't notice, this image was shot in the Greddy garage in the exact spot the car was built.

Is this for Real?

12dl sema 2015 d1 jp booth 06 1500

Ride shotgun with Shannon Campbell in this virtual reality experience on a moving CXC chair.

13dl sema 2015 d1 jp booth 07 1506

Take a load off your feet and enjoy these comfy Sparco chairs. Oh yea, we also have virtual reality drift experiences with Vaughn Gittin Jr. while you take a seat.

For the Love of the Fans

If your mind wasn't already blown, we had four epic autograph sessions. Not only did fans get to meet these fine gentlemen, but they also got a FREE limited edition shirt and poster signed by them too! What more could you ask for?

14dl sema 2015 d1 jp booth 09 1519

15dl sema 2015 d1 jp booth 10 1524

16dl sema 2015 d1 jp booth 11 1532

Everyone went mad when they met Formula D driver "Mad" Mike Whiddett.

17dl sema 2015 d3 jw booth 01 02

  18dl sema 2015 d3 jw booth 02 01

The weird weather wasn't going to stop Vaughn Gittin Jr. from taking selfies.

21dl sema 2015 d3 jw booth 04 04

22dl sema 2015 d3 jp booth 07 1889

Much respect to Sung Kang for shaking hands and talking cars with the massive line of fans that came out to see him.

23dl sema 2015 d3 jw booth 05 05

24dl sema 2015 d3 jw booth 06 06

To cap the sessions, our cover boy, Tanner Foust, was a super star to his adoring fans.

This might our first-ever SEMA Show booth, but we wanted to make sure our presence was felt. Go big or go home; this is Driving Line!

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