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Worth Fighting For: Bubby Mitchell's Ford Mustang GT500

Striking the balance between passion and priorities can be a lifelong battle. When Bubby Mitchell founded his gym, Rush MMA, he knew that it meant putting his passion for cars on an indefinite hold. Opened in 2007 during the recession, funding was hard to come by, and Mitchell invested everything he had back into the business, including all of his prize money he won from fighting. After four years, he had fighters represented in the three major MMA promotions, and three years after that, he finished his current location, a 15,000 sq-ft facility with ten coaches. The long fight had paid off, and it was time to revisit his automotive passion. 

carter mustang 8

Bubby's goal for this 2010 Ford Mustang GT500 was a for it to be a standout car that was also fun to drive. "I wanted something that represented my gym, that looked as good as it performed that would ultimately attract eyes and enjoyment," he contends. "It was my way of using my business to fuel my passion." The first move in making the car visually striking was adding the 3M Deep Space wrap that keeps spotters guessing on the color. The wrap moves from a deep blue, to purple, to gold depending on the angle. 

carter mustang 26

Bubby made sure that the GT500 had an aggressive stance with a combination of Eibach Sportline springs and Brada Forged RS-R wheels. The decision to order the Brada Forged wheels was easy, as the owner is a childhood friend and located within a few miles of his gym in Macon, Georgia. The bronze three-piece wheels are wrapped in Nitto NT555 tires, a perfect match for this high-horsepower daily driver.

carter mustang 25

With the Mustang making the visual impact that he desired, the performance aspect had to be addressed next. Released from the factory with a six-speed manual and 540hp, this Mustang already had a solid baseline of performance, but just as he learned from over ten years of training fighters, there was always room for improvement. A JLT cold air intake and Lund tune give the engine some extra encouragement, while the addition of an MBRP cat-back, Stainless Works long tubes and Off-Road x-pipes ensure that the exhaust is expelled as efficiently as possible.

carter mustang 21

Bubby’s philosophy for his endeavors, whether it's building a gym, training an MMA fighter or building a project is always, “high risk, high reward.” When he could have easily created a small studio that catered to casuals looking for an easy workout, he instead built a gym that challenges fighters at every level. He also could have also slapped his logo on a subtly modified pickup truck, but that’s not his style. This GT500 is anything but an average car, and that’s exactly how he wants it.

carter mustang 11

For more shots of Bubby’s Mustang, click through the gallery below!

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