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You Know You’re A Scion Enthusiast If...

It’s been a month since Scion officially broke the news that they would be transitioning back to Toyota, putting an end to the enthusiast brand after a 13 year run. While most of us weren’t too surprised, it still choked us up a little knowing that it was an end of an era. Looking forward, the FR-S, iM, iA and upcoming C-HR, which will all continue production badged as Toytoas. Looking back, we will remember the weird ride Scion took us all on.

If you consider yourself a Scion enthusiast, see how many of these apply to you… 

offsetkings fdlb 04

You thought the first generation Scion xB was weird, and that’s why you still love it to this day.

scion scionenthusiast scionnight 01 0089

You’ve attended events like Scion Exposed, Scion Asylum or Scion Nights at Knott’s Berry Farm.

scion enthusiast scionlife

You regularly checked the forums to keep in touch with other owners and/or to look for new mods.

scion scionenthusiast customize 01 2767

From plasti dip and stickers to wheels and a body kit, there’s no way you let your Scion stay stock for long. "Customize or Die" were your words to live by.

scion scionenthusiast swag

You own a ton of free Scion swag, from shirts to bags to…soap? Yea, they made just about anything and everything.

scion scionenthusiast scionevo 01 979

You joined a Scion club. Not just on social media, but actually attending weekly meets with fellow Scion owners.

You played with the Scion Paper Shapers.

scion scionenthusiast frs releaseseries

Release Series. You didn’t have to be in the market to know how many they made, the color name and what unique accessories it came with; you were always in the know.

Pure Price was so easy and made you feel like a boss at dealerships.

  scion scionenthusiast sciontc takeonthemachine

You played the Scion tC “Take On The Machine” Augmented Reality Game…and beat it.

scion scionenthusiast emblem 01

Someone has asked you, “What kind of car is that? Sky-on?” (And it usually makes you mad).

scion scionenthusiast ontheroad 01 05271

You easily spot other Scions on the road. Catching up to them just to give a head nod is optional, but very likely.

drivingline 86fest dn 03 3444

Scion FR-S movement – this car either brought you back to Scion or made you a new believer in the brand. If you were an owner, you were all about the JDM Toyota 86 mods.

FRSevolution 1

You followed along with the Scion Tuner Challenge every year they had it.

DrivingLine Scion Racing Ken Gushi Fredric Aasbo Formula Drift Irwindale JP 09 0990

Ken Gushi and Fredric Aasbo are your heroes.

What other cherished Scion memories do you remember? Share them in the comments below!

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