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100,000 Horses in One Parking Lot: Woodward Dream Cruise Pre-Party [Gallery]

Tom Bailey’s Annual Woodward Dream Cruise Pre-Party isn’t just a run-of-the-mill August car show. It’s a horsepower festival that also has the feel of a long-awaited family reunion. Some of the most bad-to-the-chassis streetcars in the country rumble into the Pontiac, Michigan Club House 81 parking lot to celebrate horsepower in all its glory with good company, burnouts, dyno challenges and a pig roast.

Woodward Dream Cruise Pre-Party Red

Seeing 70 parachute-equipped streetcars lined up back-to-back in lines across the front lot was a sight to behold. If each revved out to at least a thousand horses, that could be over a 100,000hp in one parking lot. Maybe next time we can convince the owners to start all their engines at once.

Woodward Dream Cruise Pre-Party Parking Lot

Tom Bailey’s car, Sick Seconds, also made an appearance. Of course it was there; the event wouldn’t feel the same without it. Here the 3,500hp sleeping beast waits patiently for the races on Woodward Avenue the next day.

Woodward Dream Cruise Pre-Party Sick Seconds

To the right of the lot facing towards the road was a Semi truck mated to a dyno trailer. Those looking to test their cars stepped up to the dyno challenge. He or she with the most horsepower walks away with $5,000.

Woodward Dream Cruise Pre-Party Dyno

The Club House’s parking lot extends to the side of the building, which is where a burnout box was placed. The winner secures bragging rights and $1,000 cash, and the contestants give it their all. Spectators watched silently, jaws dropped and smiles wide, while engines revved and thick tire smoke billowed up and over the audience, then above the trees. Just seconds after the tires stop screaming, the built-up cheers erupted from everyone’s chest. Burnout contests have all the feels.

Woodward Dream Cruise Pre-Party Burnout

Proud Dodge Demon owner Matt Zurbrick put the pedal to the metal so hard, the brakes caught on fire. He then headed off to the races on Woodward Avenue the next day. We can only assume he at least replaced the pads and rotors beforehand. 

Woodward Dream Cruise Pre-Party Burning Brakes

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