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2016 Global Time Attack, Rd. 1: The Fast Get Faster at Road Atlanta

Hosting only three events a year, attracting small spectator crowds, paying out small winnings (compared to other top-level racing series) and not garnering a huge following in and of itself, Global Time Attack is time attack in its purest form: cut-throat competitors building and driving the fastest and most technologically advanced modified production cars, in a shared quest to clock the single fastest lap in their class.

To team owners and drivers, not much matters apart from that single goal. But to the parts manufacturers, engineers and marketers whose participation (financial support) keeps the time attack world going ‘round, striving for that goal is every bit as accomplishing it.

Time attack is where modification goes from theoretical to practical, and hype is humbled by proof. It’s where parts either add to performance, or they’re not added at all. It’s where brands earn their value through the performance benefits of their products, rather than through an image constructed by clever marketing. It’s where mettle is earned. 

It’s also where clever sportsman underdogs of sport compact tuning can still strike down deep-pocket performance giants in much more powerful cars, as demonstrated by the track-record-setting Unlimited AWD win and fastest lap (1:20.793) by Jeff Westphal in GST Motorsports’ faithful (and humble) Subaru Impreza versus the uber-built Nissan GT-R of Lyfe Motorsports.

Jeff Westphal, Record-Breaking Fastest Overall | Subaru Impreza of GST Motorsports:

Jeff Westphal in GST Motorsports' Subaru Impreza, fastest lap at 2016 GTA RD1 Road Atlanta

Cole Powelson, 2nd Fastest Overall | Nissan GT-R of Lyfe Motorsports:

Lyfe Motorsports' Nissan GT-R at 2016 GTA RD1 Road Atlanta

No, time attack isn’t the latest craze in the world of automotive enthusiasm. It’s not the “next big thing.” But the development and advancement it’s wrought through the continual push forward from its participants has improved our sport immeasurably. If that’s not a big thing, we’re not sure what is.

View official results and a complete photo gallery of 2016 GTA Rd. 1 Road Atlanta below!

Class Time Driver # Car Team
Unlimited RWD 01:24.340 Cody Kishel 28 Chevrolet Corvette Vengeance Road Racing
Unlimited RWD 01:28.185 Dez White 24 Porsche 911 Pull-A-Part Racing
Unlimited RWD 01:30.333 Phil Grabow 71 Scion FR-S Element Tuning
Unlimited RWD 01:35.442 Jeremy Boysen 78 Scion FR-S FT-86 SpeedFactory
Unlimited RWD 01:38.115 Chris Stone 69 Nissan 350z LYFE Motorsport
Unlimited FWD 01:27.292 James Houghton 41 Acura Integra Type R K-Tuned/R-Division
Unlimited FWD 01:28.056 William Au-Yeung 113 Honda Civic SIR PZtuning
Unlimited FWD 01:43.369 Jose Mercado 72 Acura RSX MercRacing
Unlimited AWD 01:20.793 Jeff Westphal 7 Subaru Impreza L GST Motorsports
Unlimited AWD 01:21.258 Cole Powelson 23 Nissan GT-R LYFE Motorsport
Unlimited AWD 01:23.543 Rick MacPherson 38 Nissan GT-R DBW MOTORSPORTS
Unlimited AWD 01:24.778 Mark Jager 49 Subaru WRX STI Lost Art Liquids / Yimi Sport
Unlimited AWD 01:25.232 Tony Szirka 14 Mitsubishi Evolution 8 UMS Tuning
Unlimited AWD 01:28.732 Daniel O'Donnell 777 Mitsubishi Evolution Professional Awesome/ Fortune Auto
Unlimited AWD 01:32.961 Vincent Meyer 50 Subaru WRX STI Lyfe Motorsport
Street RWD 01:33.349 Fuentes Kang 15 Lexus IS300 Zen Motors
Street RWD 01:38.155 Patel Walters 9 Nissan 350z Short Stop Garage
Street RWD 01:40.280 O'Brien Tobin 575 Chevrolet Corvette Gran Turismo East
Street RWD 01:44.520 Matthew Brueck 5 BMW 330i iTrack Motorsports
Street FWD 01:31.938 Douglas Wind 12 Dodge SRT4 Modern Performance SRT4
Street FWD 01:38.418 Cooper Pierce 4 Honda Civic SI Guess Work
Street FWD 01:45.625 Jason Owens 111 Honda Fit Sport United Speed Racing
Street FWD 01:47.348 Chrys Zouras 68 Mini Cooper S Midlands Motorworks
Street AWD 01:31.262 Cody Miles 26 Subaru WRX STI Air Lift Performance / Enjuku Racing
Street AWD 01:35.835 Markos Mylonas 555 Subaru WRX SNAIL PERFORMANCE
Street AWD 01:37.823 Sally McNulty 412 Subaru WRX SNAIL PERFORMANCE
Street AWD 01:39.885 Adam James 82 Subaru WRX TopSpeed Motorsports
Pro/Comp 01:23.896 Brian Faessler 18 Ford Mustang Paul's Automotive Engineering
Limited RWD 01:32.129 Erin Sanford 22 Nissan 240sx Koruworks/GTEast
Limited RWD 01:32.301 Tony Fuentes 21 Honda S2000 AutoFunction
Limited RWD 01:35.401 John De Barros 100 Chevrolet Corvette All Out Auto Motorsports
Limited RWD 01:35.468 Kevin Parlett 44 Infiniti G35 BC Racing
Limited RWD 01:36.309 Alexander Gallardo 17 Nissan 350z Check6 Garage
Limited RWD 01:37.457 Chinchi Chiang 0 Toyota Supra United Speed Racing
Limited RWD 01:38.690 Savanna Little 916 Nissan 350z Enjuku Racing
Limited RWD 01:39.618 Kenneth Harper 37 Nissan 370z VRR
Limited RWD 01:39.983 Ravi Tomerlin 8 Acura NSX We Don't Lift
Limited RWD 01:44.557 Daniel Gestewitz 19 Honda S2000 Team Gnarly
Limited RWD 01:45.893 Yo (FT86) 73 Scion FR-S FT-86 SpeedFactory
Limited RWD 01:50.980 Benjamin Fenner 29 BMW M Midlands Motorworks
Limited FWD 01:32.963 Chris Boersma 33 Honda Civic SiR Boersma Racing
Limited FWD 01:35.738 Conrad Falkenberg 93 Acura RSX Unit2 Motorsports
Limited FWD 01:40.625 R.J. Coffman 187 Honda Civic Battle Ready
Limited FWD 01:44.548 Brian Tyson 32 Ford Focus ST JST Performance
Limited FWD 01:52.230 Chris Vera 99 Honda Civic DX Project One Motorsport
Limited AWD 01:29.311 Anthony Calabrese 888 Subaru WRX STI PURE TUNING
Limited AWD 01:36.868 Roy Narvaez 52 Subaru STI Narvaez Racing
Limited AWD 01:37.934 Alex Li 329 Subaru Impreza NV Auto/NEO Motorsport
Limited AWD 01:41.498 John Denise 56 Nissan GT-R AAC
Limited AWD 01:43.499 Shaun Dickson 315 Mitsubishi Evolution 8 Pompeii Motorsports
Limited AWD 01:45.196 Austin Landon 34 Subaru WRX Landon Racing
Exhibition 01:40.569 Simmy Sandhu 48 Nissan GT-R Team Slow
Enthusiast RWD 01:35.219 Steve Greene 61 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Auto8 motorsports
Enthusiast RWD 01:42.984 William Cody x41 BMW M3 GermaroSport
Enthusiast RWD 01:44.099 Rod Summers 27 Infiniti G35 Z1 Motorsports
Enthusiast RWD 01:44.181 Ryan Graf 3 BMW M3 Team Germaro
Enthusiast RWD 01:55.415 Paul Trostle 54 Scion FR-S ProAuto LLC
Enthusiast RWD 01:56.302 Johnny Denise 36 Scion FRS AAC
Enthusiast RWD 01:57.321 Chris Knight 77 Scion FR-S Patriot Project Motorsports
Enthusiast FWD 01:52.592 Jamil Fields 6 Chevrolet Cobalt SS Slow Patrol

Global Time Attack continues its 2016 series October 8-9 at NOLA Motorsports Park in New Orleans: NOLA Speed and Style, Rd. 2.

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