2018 King of the Hammers Every Man Challenge [Gallery + Results]

It seems like at every event at King of the Hammers, something special happens—and the 2018 Smittybilt Every Man Challenge was no exception. For the first time, the G2 4800 Legends, Rubicon Express 4500 Modified and Pro Comp 4600 Stock classes all made it on the overall podium. In the Every Man Challenge, all three classes race together and compete both for their class and overall crowns. Typically, the more modified classes dominate the overall podiums, but not this time.

2018 KOH EMC

The field started out large, with 137 drivers, by the end only 12 (nine percent) crossed the finish line under time. The racers had asked Dave Cole to make the course harder, and he more than delivered. A hearty congratulations goes out to everyone who was able to finish!

Dan Fresh finished first both overall and in the Rubicon Express Modified 4500 class, beating all the 136 other competitors. “We came into this thinking if we can get a top 20 or a top 10 that would be just awesome," he said. "It was typical off-road Baja style. We just kept persevering. We didn’t know exactly where we were all day. We had an amazing, amazing team, though, the guys really now their stuff at Savvy."

EMC Dan Fresh

Casey Gilbert finished second, winning the G2 4800 Legends class. A veteran of KOH, this is Casey's seventh year competing, having previously raced 4400 and stock classes. 

EMC Casey Gilbert

Jessi Combs finished third, winning the Pro Comp 4600 Stock class. Not only was this the first time that all three classes were on the overall podium, but the first time the 4600 class made the overall podium at all, making Jessi's victory all the more impressive.

2018 KOH EMC - Jessi Combs

Check out the full results below and gallery above, and follow along with us at King of the Hammers!

KMC Results


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