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2020 Mid-Engine Corvette Spy Photos

If you were wondering if the mid-engine Corvette was ever going to actually happen, here’s the evidence: These are the latest photos of the supercar looking prototype, with clear views of the production headlights, taillights, rear wing, air-intakes and other aspects that have not been seen by the public until now.

Not surprisingly these days, the headlights appear to house LED clusters as the primary front-end lighting. White accent strips (that turn orange and act as indicator lights when the signals are activated) are positioned on the top of each headlight.

spy photo of 2020 Mid-engine Chevy Corvette front end

This is the first look we’ve seen of the rear-end. The taillights are shaped in a similar fashion as the existing C7 Corvette and it’s likely to make it into production, given that the taillight design elements feature a pair of vertical bars connecting with a horizontal one. This pattern repeats a number of times, four to be exact just on the rear end—two times on the driver's side and another couple of times on the passenger side, which is also similar to the current C7.

spy photo of 2020 Mid-engine Chevy Corvette rear end

We love the aggressive look of the front fascia, but don't get too attached to the look because it might not be wearing part of the front bumper. It's hard to tell because the camouflage does a good job disguising the actual shape.

Expect the official release later this year or early 2020.

Photo credit: Brian Williams via SEMA

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