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Adventure-Ready: The 2020 Driving Line Holiday Buyer's Guide for Off-Road Parts

We are almost there folks. Just a couple more months before we can finish up the bizarre, memorable or maybe forgettable, year that was 2020. Before we head into to 2021 though, the holidays will be here and we’ve put together a fresh buyer’s guide aimed toward to off-roading, 4x4 and overland crowd. Below we’ve rounded up nine different items that would make great Holiday gifts for the off-road enthusiast in your life—or maybe you are just looking for a nice way to upgrade your own rig before your next adventure.

Here are nine recommended upgrades that cover a variety of budgets and tastes.

OnX Off-Road App

When adventuring off the beaten path, or maybe even when you are just trying to stay on the beaten path, navigation is a huge part of off-roading. That’s where OnX comes in.

OnX Off-Road App Screenshot

The ultimate resource for live, up-to-the minute trail maps, the OnX Off-Road App helps you get across 400,000+ miles of roads, trails, public lands and more. It’s a valuable and affordable resource for off-roaders of all skill levels, at just $30 for a yearly subscription.

Find out more info here - OnX Off-Road App

Optima Digital Battery Charger

Whether you are an off-roader or any other type of auto enthusiast, a dead battery on your vehicle is a common and annoying problem. That’s where Optima’s digital battery chargers shine.

Optima Digital Battery Charger

Not only do they allow you to quickly restore your charge, they can recover deeply discharged batteries, provide valuable info on charge state and even approve overall battery health. For their price, it’s hard to find something that’s more useful. Pricing starts off at less than $100.

Find out more info here - Optima Digital Battery Chargers

Pelican Cases

Whether you out doing some overlanding or just on an extended trail run, it’s important to have tough and weather proof storage for your essential items.

Pelican Cargo Off-Road Cases for Jeep

Pelican’s Cargo cases come in a variety of sizes and have mounting options for a variety of popular 4x4 vehicles. They are available in variety of sizes with prices starting around $200 and going up from there.

Find out more info here - Pelican Cargo Cases

ARB Lighting Kit

There’s a reason why auxiliary lighting setups are one of the most common upgrades for off-road vehicles and ARB’s Solis LED driving lights are one the best ways to get yourself through low visibility situations.

ARB Solis LED Driving Lights


You can opt for either spot or flood beams and there are five different stages of dimming that you can adjust on the fly. Hey, and they also look cool as well.

Find out more info here - ARB Lighting Kits

Carbon Off Road Axles

If you or someone on your list owns a Jeep, then Carbon Off Road should be a well known brand. They’ve been selling upgraded drivetrain components for Jeeps since 1987.

Carbon Off Road Jeep Axles

From complete drop-in axle assemblies to individual parts, Carbon Off Road supplies a variety of products to serious off-roaders and their fully assembled chromoly axles are a worthy upgrade for modern Jeeps that won't break the bank.

Find out more info here - Carbon Off-Road Axles

RoadShower 4 Shower Kit

Whether you need to clean off yourself or your gear, a portable shower kit can bevital during extended off roading adventures and overlanding.

Road Shower 4 Kit

The popular kit from RoadShower mounts easily to your vehicle while not in use, using the power of the sun to provide for hot, pressurized water when it’s time to clean up after a day of fun. It’s a must-have for for those days and nights off the beaten path.

Find out more info here - RoadShower

Eibach Pro Truck Lift Kit

Lifting your rig has always been one of the most essential parts of building an off-roader, and Eibach’s decades of experience in suspension have manifested themselves in products like their Pro-Truck Lift System.

Eibach Pro Truck Lift Kit for Toyota Tacoma

For example on a popular vehicle like the modern Toyota Tacoma, the Pro-Truck kit can give you two inches of lift up front and up to an inch in the rear and includes both springs and shocks. At a retail price of just $595 it’s also a relatively affordable way to upgrade your vehicle in a substantial way.

Find out more info here - Eibach ProTruck Lift Systems

Black Rhino Wheels

With the growth of the off-road market in recent years, there’s never been more off-road-oriented wheels to choose from. Black Rhino Wheels offers one of the most diverse lines of off-road wheels anywhere, with fitments and styles for everything from Subarus to full-size pickups.

Black Rhino Wheel Gold

Whether you are looking for cast, forged or beadlock wheels they have something to fit all budgets and tastes, with their most affordable wheels starting off at just over $200 each.

Find out more info - Black Rhino Wheels

Nitto Ridge Grappler Tires

Last but not least, when it comes time to wrap those Black Rhinos (or any other wheel) with some new off-road rubber, the Nitto Ridge Grappler has been one of our go-tos ever since it was introduced.

Nitto Ridge Grappler Tires

With its best of both worlds approach that blends both all terrain and mud terrain tires, the Ridge Grappler blends on-road manners with legit off-road capability and can be sized to fit just about any off-road vehicle.

Find out more info here - Nitto Ridge Grappler Tire

There you have it, just a few ideas for the overlander, trail-lover or 4x4 maniac in your life. And again, we won't judge if you decide to just treat yourself either...

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