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Apple Might Buy McLaren, and We're Not Sure How We Feel About It

Imagine driving down the street in your new Jet Black smart-super-iCar S Plus, with a cover to prevent scratches of course, and saying, "Hey Siri, turn left." That's right, no steering wheel. It's been removed and replaced with Siri. Super ballsy, Apple. (No offense, Siri.) What could possibly go wrong?

McLaren steering wheel

But on a serious note, there has been some chatter about Apple in talks to acquire McLaren Technology Group. The iPhone maker and technology juggernaut has been working on some big, secret automotive project. After bringing on longtime executive Bob Mansfield and making dozens of job cuts, rumor has it that they've locked in on a more specific goal—an electric, autonomous car—and we think it's pretty plausible, because Apple.


If this deal happens, we expect the first order of business would be to kiss the steering wheel goodbye. If it doesn't happen, prepare for Apple to take over the world anyway. Let's just hope Apple's potential new business venture doesn't take on a mind of its own. And if it does, please be like Herbie, not Christine.



How do YOU feel about it? Comment and let us know!

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