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Arnold Schwarzenegger's Diesel Jeep Wagoneer

You never know what you will run across on eBay. Take Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 1984 Jeep Grand Wagoneer for example. I actually remember when this was being built years ago in California. If memory and the interwebs serve me correctly, it was a collaboration between West Coast Customs and Hi-Line Conversions.

1984-jeep-wagoneer-arnold-duramax (2)

To say it’s a Wagoneer is slightly misleading. Essentially, what you have is a 1984 Wagoneer body grafted on top a late-model ¾-ton GM chassis. Setting the Wagoneer atop the ¾-ton chassis I’m sure was no easy feat. I likely surmise it was still easier than trying to make the weaker Wagoneer chassis fit the massive 6.6L Duramax diesel engine and Allison transmission. I’m not sure if the novelty of the vehicle itself or the fact that it was owned by Arnold commands the eBay Buy-It-Now price of $49,000. But, I’m guessing there’s probably one or two car collectors that would be interested in owning it.

1984-jeep-wagoneer-arnold-duramax (13)

I’ve seen a few Cummins-powered Wagoneers, but this is the only one I’ve ever come across with the 6.6L Duramax V8. This particular setup was tuned to run on bio diesel by Hi-Line Conversions and turns out an estimated 500 horsepower.

1984-jeep-wagoneer-arnold-duramax (10)

One fun fact I do remember about the vehicle were the catch phrases sown into the floor mats. Most of the big hits are there. This includes “girly man” and “hasta la vista.” At least we know Arnie’s got a good sense of humor.

1984-jeep-wagoneer-arnold-duramax (6)

According to the listing, the vehicle is now in New York. That would explain all of the rust that’s accumulated under the body. On one hand, it’s great to see a vehicle like this actually being used. On the other hand, you hate to see it in poor condition.

1984-jeep-wagoneer-arnold-duramax (11)

It’s hard to say what something like this is really worth. I suppose the best answer is however much someone is willing to pay for it. With a little elbow grease, I’m sure the “Governator,” as it’s called, will continue to be a very cool and functional custom.

1984-jeep-wagoneer-arnold-duramax (8)

You can bid on it yourself or see the auto house listing.

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