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Best of Show: February Cars & Coffee

If you're a regular reader of mine (Hi Mom!), by now you pretty much know I'm the resident Euro/Exotic guy. I've actually got quite the JDM background as well (checkout my last article) but even then, most of my Cars & Coffee pics tend to be European/Exotic based. For February I was asked to change it up a bit and bring a little more variety into the feature - they say that variety is the spice of life, so here we go... IMG_9257_rev Okay so I started off with a Ferrari Enzo...shoot me! How could I not take a pic of this? There are a few "regular" ones that come by every so often, but with the La Ferrari being released as we speak, I'm sure we'll see less and less of these on the road. IMG_9262_rev Not very often do we get a chance to see these side by side...Both well known for their hardcore handling characteristics - the Canepa T-Rex (Hayabusa powered) on the left and the Ariel Atom (Honda powered) on the right. Two very purpose built machines. IMG_9265_rev What you're looking at is a chopped Van with a motor welded into the back end of it...yeah, nuts...but different! Word has it that this bad boy does wheelies! IMG_9284_rev '57 doesn't get much more classic hot rod than this. I'll be honest - the only reason I can ID this car is my neighbor had one growing up and when I was street racing my Civic he took me for a spin in a "real" hotrod - I pretty much pee'd my pants...these guys don't even have to run with seatbelts!  IMG_9394_rev Nissan 360 brought out their latest concept "IDX" - which for us old schoolers is a 512 replacement...pretty sweet!! IMG_9376_rev This version with throwback color and wheels. IMG_9295_rev Original Datsun (Nissan for you newbs) 510...sitting on old school Enkei mesh. IMG_9413_rev Beautiful Porsche 993 Ruf Turbo-R, stay tuned for a full Ruf feature from the homeland coming soon! IMG_9422_rev Gorgeous Skyline R33 "blackbird", my personal fav is the R34 but in black this thing is just right. Nice Enkei's as well... IMG_9324_rev If you ever watched Miami Vice or remember the 80''ll know why White was RIGHT. [Insert Miami Vice theme song] - Lamborghini Countach and Diablo respectively. IMG_9327_rev How the heck do you keep that interior clean LOL!! IMG_9349_rev My original copy for this image isn't very PC, so I'm going to just say this... variety prevails with a Maserati GT MC Stradale next to a Scion IQ IMG_9454_rev Weapons ready over fender widebody Nissan Silvia Coupe, so good. IMG_9470_rev Variety right? Those are two VW Bugs in the background! Yellow Ferrari 430 Scuderia with Novitec goodies rolling thru. IMG_9577_rev Some cars are so raced out...they get towed in. Case in point, this amazing Porsche 935 long tail racecar.  IMG_9579_rev Curves for days! IMG_9634_rev It wouldn't be a variety without something American, since I'd rather wash my eyes out with dirt than post a 'vette, here's a very 80s Vector W8. Teal was so cool back then...BACK THEN. IMG_9447_rev More American Hot Rod nostalgia, gotta pay respect to those who originated that flat black look! Straight out of American Graffiti - if you don't know that movie and you're a carguy, go YouTube it now.  IMG_9561_rev More Nissan Skyline goodness, R34 Nismo Racecar. IMG_9530_rev Wrapping up our "variety," check out Rolls Royce's latest masterpiece, the Wraith, flanked on either side by a VW Bug and vintage Ford Mustang...Cars & Coffee asks for "unique" and they're doing pretty well gathering auto enthusiasts of all sorts! Is there something you'd like to see more of from the C&C monthly series? Drop me a line by leaving a comment!
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