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Best of Show: April Cars & Coffee

With the weather beginning to warm up, along with the car show season coming around, we're starting to see more cars attending the early Sunday AM benchmark for automotive enthusiasts. I'm trying to cherish these moments, as they may be gone soon. The Residence Inn across the event is nearing completion and rumor is that they will not put up with the early morning revs (music to enthusiasts ears) and crowds - if that truly is the case, Cars & Coffee will be looking for another location to host this wonderful event. For now, let's just enjoy what we have: This isn't a photoshop or some sort of image trickery- you're staring at a velvet wrap on an Audi R8. While this look isn't for everyone,it definitely got people talking and looking. I'll be sure to bring a lint brush to hook this guy up next time I see it! IMG_3955_rev Not a Bimmer or a Benz, it's a Bentley. (Llyod Banks would be happy) - starting to see some real classics out nice and early. IMG_3959_rev The Boss can help me out on this one (Hi Kristin!) - Awesome blue '32 Ford drop top hot rod... IMG_4007_rev Plymouth Concord - totally reminds me of "Happy Days" IMG_3964_rev A buddy of mine brought out his completely rebuilt bolt-by-bolt Saleen S7 in Ferrari Bianco Fuji paint. Absolutely gorgeous. This is his second S7 and my personal fav if I had to drive an American car LOL. Keep an eye out for a futurefeature on this one... IMG_3968_rev Even James Bond was up early...Aston DB5. IMG_3983_rev Amazingly rare Porsche GT3 RS 4.0 in navy blue...WOW. IMG_3987_rev McLaren Newport Beach brought out their latest offering, the MP4-12C replacement - the 650S in Spyder form. IMG_4005_rev Oh yeah, they brought this out too...the ultimate hypercar. The McLaren P1. IMG_4340_rev Ultra techy, ultra fast and yeah, ultra expensive. Actually, you can't even get one don't worry about the price. We just put up an article on this bad boy, 8 Facts Wikipedia Won't Tell You About the P1. IMG_4332_rev My personal favorite NSX showed up "MUGEN CEO" (license plate) - full MUGEN NSX, kit, wheels etc...such a rare site. IMG_4344_rev If you're more of a JDM nostalgia guy, here's some Skylines for ya. IMG_4382_rev Absolutely DUMPED old school Mercedes Benz...STATIC. IMG_4020_rev Another angle, peep that rear wheel tuck. IMG_4028_rev Clever plate...Aston Martin Vantage V8. IMG_4046_rev Crooks & Castles brought out their SVR 458 and SLS. IMG_4289_rev They also brought out this sick old school Mercedes E-Class wagon with 3rd row reversed seats.... IMG_4431_rev From wagon to F1 street legal car...the Bac Mono showed up as well. IMG_4441_rev Variety - how about a Morgan for ya? Wood frame baby... IMG_4389_rev Last but not least - a sentimental favorite for me, 91 Acura Integra on Mugen MR-5's and one piece JDM lights...ahh the good ol' days. IMG_4295_rev If you haven't made it out to Cars & Coffee, take some time and do it while it's still available! If you do happen to come out, keep the revs down so we can continue to enjoy this amazing gathering of vehicles!

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