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Bippu in San Diego: Autofashion VIP Festival [Gallery]

When it comes to the VIP car scene in America, few shops are more respected than Autofashion USA in San Diego, California. For more than a decade the shop has been on the cutting edge of VIP trends and each fall they throw a celebration known as the Autofashion VIP Festival.

autofashion vip festival 2017 29

Traditionally held the weekend immediately after the SEMA Show, the Autofashion VIP Festival is one of the biggest events of its type in America—and it typically includes lots of guests from Japan, the birthplace of the Bippu scene.

autofashion vip festival 2017 60

And while Japanese VIP cars are the main focus, you'll also find European imports, classic JDM machinery and even some lowriders getting in on the fun. All of that has made the AF VIP Festival one of Southern California's best car meets and the perfect change of pace after the craziness of SEMA.

autofashion vip festival 2017 8

Check out the gallery above for some scenes from this year's event before we return with a more in depth look on the evolution of VIP style in the United States.

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