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Classic Trucks Abound at SEMA 2018 [Gallery]

Whether it's square-body, stepside or for the first-time in a long-time SUV... SEMA 2018 had plenty of trucks on display. See them here!

JL Mania: The Many Jeeps of SEMA 2018 [Gallery]

Was the JL the hottest platform for this year's show?

Top Stock Drag Cars of Today and Tomorrow

Do modern combustion-based dragsters still top the best electric vehicles can muster? We see how they compare.

SEMA Show 2018: Race and Track Cars [Gallery]

No over-the-top show cars here. These cars were built to win...see the powerful race cars on display at this year's event.

Kia Brings Overland Tellurides to SEMA

Kia brought not one, but five, different versions of their upcoming Telluride to SEMA.

SEMA Show 2018 Best of Day 1 [Gallery]

Here are all the best builds we saw on the first day of SEMA.

Driving Line Issue 17 Released

It's finally here. Driving Line issue 17 has been released.

The Right Way to Clean Your Wheels

We ask the experts what we should (and should NOT) be spraying on our wheels.

Six of the Most Badass Hot Rods on the Planet

Fun fact: Three of them are diesel powered!

The Odd & Awesome of the 2017 SEMA Show

A slammed school bus, off-road Mustang, and the world's coolest pizza delivery vehicle all make the cut!

Overland, Not Overdone: 2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road 

A Toyota that showcases how easy it is to convert a midsized pickup into an adventure ready machine with a few key upgrades.

The Baddest Bronco at the SEMA Show

Vaughn Gittin Jr. picks dirt over dubs, showing off his Ultra4 Brocky in all of its unwashed post-race glory.

24 of the Hottest Ford Trucks from SEMA 2017

Blue Oval pickups were a dominate force at this year's SEMA Show. We put together a video of two dozen of our favorites. Which are your top picks?

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