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Bringing SEMA Show 2016 to YOU!

When you hear the words “trade show,” you might envision long, never-ending bouts of walking or standing, handing out brochures, giving that same sales pitch over and over and of course, collecting leads on leads on leads! Sounds exhausting, right?

Yes, SEMA Show still has all of that, except it’s all about the automotive industry! Fortunately for you, you can skip all those boring trade show things and just get to the parts you love to see. Click below for coverage from the week as we show you the cars, trucks and “what the hell is that thing” builds, all while you’re nice and comfortable in your own home. #MBN

Vaughn Gittin Jr - SEMA Show

Here is a quick schedule of what to expect each day, either on or Click on any link below to view the resulting coverae!

Tuesday, November 1

#HuracanDrift Reveal at 9:00 AM PST

FB: LIVE with the Ring Brothers

LIVE with Vaughn Gittin Jr.

SEMA-Eve Spooktacular Gallery

Wednesday, November 2

LIVE with Aaron Kaufman

FB: LIVE at the Driving Line/Ford Performance booth

Odd & Awesome Gallery

Thursday, November 3

LIVE with Will Castro

FB: LIVE at WARN Industries

Off-Road Everything SEMA Wrap-Up

Friday, November 4

FB: LIVE at the Nitto Tire booth

LIVE with Coco Zurita

Cars, Cars, Cars! SEMA Wrap-Up

What was your favorite SEMA 2016 experience? Comment below!

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