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Bronco, Explorer ST, GT500 & More: We Can’t Wait for These New Fords

These days there’s no shortage of speculation and rumors about new car models, and carmakers themselves don't often officially tease a bunch of new models they have in the works. But that’s exactly what Ford has done with an announcement of future technology and additional details on several new models it plans to introduce between now and 2020. While Ford’s press release included details for plans of electrification and driver assistance features, what we're most most excited about are the enthusiast-oriented Fords that were also teased.

First up is the new Bronco, which Ford had already confirmed it was working on. As you can see from the teaser, it very much has the shape of the popular first gen Bronco and we are quite excited to hear more about it.

Ford Bronco

In addition to the Bronco, Ford is also working a small off road utility vehicle that doesn’t yet have a name, but is teased in the rendering below. Perhaps we should expect a Jeep Renegade or Cherokee competitor?

Ford SUV

Elsewhere in the SUV department, Ford also confirmed it is working on an ST-variant of the Explorer to go along with the recently announced Edge ST. The 3.5L EcoBoost-powered Explorer already performs quite well, and you can expect even better moves from the high-power ST model.

Ford Explorer ST

Last but not least is the Mustang lineup. We already know a ridiculously powerful 2019 Shelby GT500 is inbound, but in addition to that, Ford also mentioned a new hybrid Mustang that will include V8 levels of low end torque from its electric motor system.

Shelby Mustang GT500

Most people would agree that Ford already has one of the most impressive enthusiast lineups around, and with the addition of these new on and off road models, we only see that lineup getting better. We can’t wait to learn more.

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