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Built for FUN: Twin Custom Ford and Cartoon Drag Merc

ShBoom_Mercury_Ford_Custom_feature While most people place “practical” at the top of what they’re looking for in a car, us enthusiasts have a different list of priorities. Our monthly “Built for…” topic wouldn't be complete without “FUN” added to the list. Because when it comes down to it, isn't that why we all love cars so much? ShBoom_Mercury_Ford_Custom_007 FUN is exactly why these twin customs were created by owner Bob Fryz. A life-long hot-rodder, Fryz first came up with the idea of “ShBoom” after he’d bought a partially-built 1951 Ford custom almost two decades ago…and more recently converted a 1948 Cadillac into “ShBoom Gone Wild.” ShBoom_Mercury_Ford_Custom_004 Born and raised around Detroit, Fryz is a staple in the many car shows and cruises in the area.  I caught up with him this past weekend at the Woodward Dream Cruise, where ShBoom is a local icon. ShBoom_Mercury_Ford_Custom_001 With its wild flamed and flaked paint, chopped body, lakes pipes, and many custom features – ShBoom is the embodiment of fun. With modified exhaust shooting large flames from the back, ShBoom also has exterior speakers to blast the classic 50s Chords/Crew Cuts “ShBoom” song to the crowds. ShBoom_Mercury_Ford_Custom_020 While these are built like showcars, they're no trailer queens. Both customs get plenty of miles racked up, with ShBoom getting plenty of normal trips around town as well as journeys to car shows and cruises. Through the years, Bob has redone ShBoom 4-5 times, getting it just like he wanted (although he’s not lacking for other car projects, as we’ll share in the coming feature on his garage). ShBoom_Mercury_Ford_Custom_023 During a trip to SEMA in 2009, Bob got the idea for a new build – and he just happened to have the perfect 1948 Cadillac sitting around for it. Wanting to combine the style of ShBoom with the antics of Ed Roth’s cartoon cars and his own love of drag racing, the concept of “ShBoom Gone Wild” was born. ShBoom_Mercury_Ford_Custom_011 After just 3 short months, ShBoom Gone Wild was completed and making its debut at the Detroit Autorama. ShBoom_Mercury_Ford_Custom_008 Fitted with a chromed 544 big block Chevy, ShBoom Gone Wild puts out 900 horsepower to its wide rear wheels. ShBoom_Mercury_Ford_Custom_018 No flames shoot out of this exhaust, but it’s wheelie-bar speaks to other fun had. Believe it or not, Bob cruises the 16-mile stretch of Woodward Dream Cruise in this beast as well. ShBoom_Mercury_Ford_Custom_016 Whether you love ‘em or hate ‘em, it can’t be avoided that these cars are just flat-out FUN. One ride in either ShBoom or ShBoom Gone Wild, and you can’t help but smile! -Kristin Cline ShBoom_Mercury_Ford_Custom_010   Read more "Built for..." stories:

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