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Chasing Dust: Resurrecting My 4x4 Toyota Prerunner Project [Video]

Last week, our Truck Editor, Matt Moghaddam showed you the five reasons why his daily driver cannot be beat. But what's a truck editor doing driving a sedan around everyday? If you're a bit concerned, you can relax. He does have a truck. It's just a little...hurt. In this week's episode of Chasing Dust, Matt gives you the inside scoop of everything you want to know about his unique Toyota Pickup, a project he's been working on for three years. Learn how Matt came to own this project, nicknamed Scarlett, what changes he's made over the years, how it ended up in the shop and what's in store for bringing this truck back to life, bigger and better than ever before.

Scarlett Toyota Pickup

Watch Matt explain why his Crown Victoria is the best daily driver around in episode four of Chasing Dust.

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