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Cross Five: Cars, Trucks, Bikes and Bikinis [Gallery]

Deep in the northwestern suburbs of Tokyo is a little city called Chofu, and for a day it was transformed into one of five stops across Japan called "Cross Five." Dubbed the "Xtreme Supershow," it is an event dedicated to the American style of customization with a mix of cars, trucks, bikes and bikinis.

While the freestyle motocross jump was jaw dropping, the highlight had to be the bikini car wash competition. Foam, bubbles and a DJ... Let's just say one had to claim a spot early in order to get a good view. The show was great, but we could not confirm or deny if the cars were actually cleaner afterward.

Cross Five

With approximately 200 cars and trucks on display and so much more going on at the event, there's only one best seat in the house to take it all in — right here on Driving Line.


Check out the photo gallery above to see what this Xtreme Supershow is all about.

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