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The 2017 Tokyo Auto Salon Experience [Gallery]

No Tokyo Auto Salon experience would be complete without the girls of the show.

(We'll pause here to let you scroll back up and flip through the gallery.)

Tokyo Auto Salon

Welcome back. I hope you enjoyed that as much as we did. Whether they're handing out brochures or just making “photographers'" — um, hearts — excited, it’s clear that attendees come out in droves just to see them; the cool cars are just a bonus. If you see a massive crowd, beware: you are likely to get stuck and fighting for position to get a photo. But if you happen to get great position, then you just struck TAS photographer gold. Take the shot or two or 10 — the guy next to you has probably already taken 100. Luckily, there’s more to gawk at, so walk around and see what other weird things you might find. Chances are they will be less crowded too, but only slightly.

Tokyo Auto Salon

I bet this gallery makes you want to fly out to Japan now. We already highlighted the cars of Tokyo Auto Salon 2017, and we still have more to come tomorrow!

(Photos: Takuya Akiyama of Drive Marketing Group)

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