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Dining on the Rocks: The Mashed Potato Trail

Just outside of town, you’ll find one of Moab, Utah’s, shortest, but extremely enjoyable, trails: Mashed Potato. It’s technically part of The Pickle trail, but you can ‘wheel it as a quick in-and-out trip. The trail starts off with a few long and rocky service roads, which leads you to a series of switchbacks. Once you peak the top of the ridge, you’ll find a series of rocky climbs and moderated obstacles. As you near the end of the trails, you’ll be met with an amazing view and one final obstacle, named the Gravy Bowl.


There are actually two lines that can be used to exit the bowl. The one to the left is easier, but shoots you out alongside a sizable drop that isn’t for the faint of heart. The one to the right is the more common and typically just requires the right wheel placement and steady application of throttle. We tagged along with our friends at Skyjacker, as they were making a big trail day out it. Be sure to watch the video until the end to see how the photo above pans out for KMC's Black Badger JK

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