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Driver Battles: Dirt Edition, Season 3, Episode 3: Ford F150 vs Ford Ranger

There’s nothing more fun than running all-out on open trails, that is, except maybe racing all-out on a dirt track against a buddy. This is where it’s common to see majestic, full-bodied trucks and other off-road vehicles take flight.

Driver Battles Ford Ranger

It’s exciting to watch and exhilarating to experience, which one of the many reasons we’ve expanded the third season of Driver Battles to include short-course dirt track racing in addition to drag racing (which you can see, by clicking here). We love the spray of dirt around the turns as drivers navigate the inconsistent conditions of the track in top-heavy machines to create a more three-dimensional feel versus the relative flatness of pavement racing.

Driving Line's Driver Battles, Dirt Edition

Did we mention there are jumps?

Ford F150 OBS in Driver Battles dirt edition

Ford F150 vs Ford Ranger

To see if we could settle some off-road rig disputes on the short course, we headed down to rain-soaked Glen Helen Raceway in Southern California for a dirt-track duel. In the first mud-caked episode, it’s a battle of the Fords (or are they Chevys?) If you happened to peek under the hood of either Ford, you’d find a pair of Chevy V8s. The F150 sports a Chevy LQ9 engine, while the smaller-bodied Ranger has a Chevy LS3.

Driving Line Driver Battles Dirt Edition Ford F150 vs Ford Ranger

Both are fully-caged and are driven with a Turbo 400 trans and rolling on 37-inch Nitto Trail Grappler tires. With the exception of the two truck’s overall weight and size, it seemed a fairly even match. Looks can be deceiving, and driver experience matters a lot—which driver would best navigate the puddles and pools on the course to earn the big “W” for the day?

Driver Battles F150 versus Ranger

Where to Watch?

Visit and subscribe at Driving Line’s YouTube channel to watch as the Driver Battles continue. Whether it’s on the track, the strip, or the dirt there’s plenty of action and opportunities for drivers just like you to prove their vehicles and their skills in competition.

Driving Line Driver Battles Dirt Edition Matt Moghaddam

While you’re there, let us know if you think you’ve got something faster! Drop a comment with what you’ve got in your garage—you just may be the star of a future Driver Battles episode. 

Click here to watch Driver Battles, Dirt Edition.

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