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Driver Battles Episode 6: '72 Camaro vs. '15 WRX STI [VIDEO]

When you hear '72 Camaro vs. '15 WRX STI, you might be a little perplexed why this would be a great battle (unless you read our preview introducing the cars, that is), but this battle is astonishingly close. Both cars have similar weights and horsepower numbers, and both drivers have made suspension upgrades that they credit as doing the most to better their times around the track. They may not look similar, come from similar places or have a long-established rivalry, but that doesn't mean they aren't perfectly matched. In this battle of classic American muscle against modern Japanese machinery, with both running on Nitto NT01s, who will run the fastest around Chuckwalla?

Watch the video above to find out!

Driver Battles Episode 6

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