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Driver Battles Episode 7: LS-Swapped E36 M3 vs. Supercharged Fox Body Mustang [Video]

When you see these two cars, you might not think classic American rivalry, but that's because you haven't looked under the hood. Joe's Mustang has its classic engine, like you would expect, but the E36 M3 Amir is driving has ditched its stock engine for a 7.1L LSX. Now it's classic Ford vs. Chevy.

While some may say that Joe could never overcome the power of that LS, some people haven't seen Joe's tires. At 315/30R18 on all four corners, this Mustang can put more Nitto NT01 rubber on the road than almost any other car we've seen. In this battle of classic American horsepower, who will reign supreme?

Watch the video above to find out!

Driver Battles Episode 7

Do you like this battle? We have a ton more, including Amir's first appearance in episode three!

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