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Epitome of Innovation: 10 Products Poised to Revolutionize the Diesel Industry

With the diesel industry growing in leaps and bounds, it’s a constant struggle to keep up with everything that’s coming to market. From power-adders to stronger engine internals, and even parts that are geared toward making life easier with big boost in the mix, all kinds of innovative things are happening in the diesel segment. To stay on top of this ever-expanding marketplace, we recently compiled a list of more than 30 products that’ve either debuted in the last couple of months, or that will soon be released. In the process, we somehow managed to narrow it down to the top 10 we came across. The following batch of groundbreaking products will provide the kind of solutions, performance gains and reliability the diesel industry needs to keep driving forward.

1. Fleece Performance Engineering Fixed Geometry Turbo 6.7L Cummins Exhaust Brake


In order to gain both reliability and performance, it’s common for 6.7L Cummins owners to scrap the factory variable geometry turbocharger in favor of a fixed geometry unit, namely an S400-based BorgWarner. However, enthusiasts that go this route lose the functionality of the factory exhaust brake on their ’07.5-present Ram. Not anymore! Fleece Performance Engineering’s exhaust brake system brings this fan-favorite towing aid back into the equation. It features a commercial-grade, liquid cooled, electronic actuator with a brushless DC motor and geartrain, a new turbo downpipe and, thanks to integrating with OEM electrical connectors, can be operated via the factory exhaust brake switch on the dash.

2. Race Part Solutions Dual Seal Connectors


Every turbo system needs a certain amount of “give” and the right balance of rigidity built into it. On high horsepower diesel engines, where boost levels can approach 100 psi, having flexibility at any connection point (in the form of a silicone intercooler hose) can be a potential weak link. Merging the best aspects of intercooler hoses and V-band clamps together, Race Part Solutions has come up with the dual seal connector. Each weld flange features an O-ring on the outside that seals against the inside of an aluminum sleeve—and all three components are secured in place by way of a black-anodized locking clamp. On top of that, the dual seal connector’s center sleeve provides for each flange to move independently while maintaining an ultra tight seal, with the seal improving as the flanges expand under pressure.

3. Exergy Performance Billet 6.7L Cummins Fuel Rail


In common-rail diesel injection systems, emptying the rail(s) is a horsepower killer—and being that this vital component is the gateway between the high pressure fuel pump(s) and the injectors, it pays to increase its capacity. Exergy Performance, a company that’s known for building some of the highest quality injectors and injection pumps in the diesel industry, has released its high volume, billet fuel rail for the 6.7L Cummins. It provides a 10-percent volume increase over stock, makes use of larger injector feed ports and integrates a second feed port from the high-pressure fuel pump(s). With Exergy’s billet unit, the fuel rail will no longer be a choke point in highly fueled, 6.7L Cummins applications.

4. Edge Products CTS2 Monitor for ’17-‘18 L5P Duramax


Without a doubt, the most popular gauge in the diesel segment is the digital color touch screen monitor from Edge Products: the Insight CTS2. While the CTS2 isn’t exactly new to the industry, coverage for the L5P Duramax is, as well as its ability to monitor several key aspects of the latest GM’s emissions-control functions. Specifically, the truck’s regeneration process (cleaning) is viewable in real-time. You can see when the diesel particulate filter is heating up, the moment it enters regeneration and when the regen cycle is complete. The ability to watch these parameters is key for any ’17-newer GM owner interested in maximizing the fuel economy and longevity of their truck.

5. Aeromotive Brushless A1000 & Eliminator Pumps


Aeromotive’s A1000 and Eliminator fuel pumps have long been go-to products for competition diesels and they’ve even made their way into daily driven applications, although long-term reliability on the street was never their strong suit. However, it’s a new day, with brushless motor technology being implemented into Aeromotive’s benchmark pumps. In general, brushless motors provide more precise fuel pressure control, less current draw, lower heat production and extended life. The new, brushless Eliminator pump flows 1,000 lbs/hr at 45 psi (with a -12 AN inlet and -10 AN outlet) while the A1000 is capable of flowing 700 lbs/hr at 45 psi (with a -10 AN inlet and outlet).

6. ProMaxx Performance DX Series Aluminum 6.0L Cylinder Heads


A potential game-changer in more ways than one, ProMaxx Performance now offers aluminum replacement cylinder heads for the 6.0L Power Stroke. Made from 356 T-6 aluminum, ProMaxx Performance believes it has the answer for the cracked head epidemic in the 6.0L segment (upon teardown, it’s often discovered that one or both heads have hairline cracks protruding into the valve seats). In addition to each ProMaxx Performance head being 42 lbs lighter than a comparable factory cast-iron unit, they dissipate heat much quicker and flow 25-percent more air. All DX Series heads come with a multi-angle valve job, hardened valve seats (and guides) and the strongest injector hold-down boss available.

7. Sun Coast Adjustable Stator


Finding the perfect stall speed in a performance diesel transmission application can be a bit time-consuming, but Sun Coast may have the best solution for this age-old problem. Instead of trying multiple converters before settling on one that’s “good enough,” competitors can fine-tune their Sun Coast adjustable billet stator by changing the guide vane angles themselves. Then, after you find the sweet spot, Sun Coast will furnace braze everything in place. This removes all guess work and, frankly, beats the heck out of the old way of doing things: pull transmission, install new converter, reinstall transmission, test, repeat.

8. Air Lift Load Lifter 5000 Ultimate Plus


Even heavy-duty diesel trucks need help stabilizing big loads. As a result, thousands of diesel owners equip their workhorses with air spring systems, which they expect to hold up just as well as the rest of the truck. To ensure its products last indefinitely, AirLift introduced its Load Lifter 5,000 Ultimate Plus line of air spring kits. In addition to offering the internal jounce bumper in the air spring itself, the Plus in Ultimate Plus means you also get stainless steel air lines, roll plates and mounting hardware. If you need an air spring system capable of enduring the elements for the long haul, this is it.

9. EFI Live HD Cummins Tuning


While not geared toward diesel pickups, this product is all but guaranteed to revolutionize the Class 8 truck market. EFI Live’s HD Cummins tuning will bring increased performance, fuel economy and reliability to ’10-’17 model year rigs equipped with Cummins mills, which, in addition to more than a dozen other engines, includes the popular ISX15 and ISX12. Beyond Class 8 trucks, EFI Live’s HD Cummins tuning will also be available for medium duty, light commercial, bus and RV applications, along with engines used in agricultural, construction, marine, fire and emergency, rail and power generation segments.

10. Bully Dog Performance DPF


Adding power to a diesel vehicle equipped with a diesel particulate filter (DPF) is nothing new, but the Bully Dog Performance DPF for ’07.5-’12 6.7L Cummins-powered Rams is a first. The emissions-compliant piece is an aftermarket, direct replacement DPF that outflows the factory unit by 21 percent. According to Bully Dog, its Performance DPF also slows soot accumulation, yields fewer regeneration cycles, reduces exhaust gas temperature up to 12 percent and can drop backpressure by as much as 44 percent. Perhaps most importantly, the Performance DPF is fully serviceable (i.e. cleanable), unlike the factory unit. Bully Dog’s Performance DPF is also available for the ’08-‘10 6.4L Power Stroke.

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