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Budget Diesel Mods: LML Duramax

Discover the quickest and safest path to 500, 600 and 700rwhp with these proven parts combinations.

Budget Diesel Mods: LMM Duramax

Turn your 7,000-pound GM workhorse into a Camaro killer with these budget-minded power adders.

Budget Diesel Mods: LLY Duramax

These power prescriptions are guaranteed to improve performance without sacrificing durability.

Budget Diesel Mods: ’07.5-’17 Cummins

Unleash the beast that is a modified 6.7L Cummins with these proven power recipes.

Budget Diesel Mods: ’03-’07 Cummins

Bring your common-rail 5.9L to life with these no-frills power recipes.

Budget Diesel Mods: ’94-’98 Cummins

Transform your P-pumped Cummins into an animal with these budget-friendly parts combinations.

Budget Diesel Mods: ’89-‘93 Cummins

Usher your first-gen Cummins into the modern age with these penny-pinching horsepower recipes.

Budget Diesel Mods: 6.4L Power Stroke

Find out why the ’08-’10 Super Duty is the king of plug-and-play horsepower.

Budget Diesel Mods: 6.0L Power Stroke

Despite what you might’ve heard, the infamous 6.0L Power Stroke can make impressive power with less than $1,000 invested.

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