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Two Artists, One Car: Ferrari Re-Imagined [Video]

A Ferrari is not a car that just any pal can afford, let alone a masterpiece like the Ferrari 488 GTB. Of those who can afford one, only few go the extra mile into modifying it into some wild build. Fortunately, imagination is free, and we were able to bring together two very talented artists to get their take on this iconic vehicle.

Ferrari 488 GTB

@douggas vs. @hitchensartwork:

Fellow Art Center College of Design alumni Doug Breuninger and Deven Hitchens meet again for some friendly competition. You may remember Deven from last year's Formula Drift Long Beach when we had him draw Tanner Foust's drift Passat. And Doug's business card might say, "Automotive Designer at Galpin Auto Sports," but once you check out his Instagram, you’ll learn he is also the famous Post-It Note artist!

Ferrari 488 GTB - Doug Breuninger vs. Deven Hitchens

(Photos by: Jonathan Wong, Justin Pagtalunan and Kristin Cline)

Which re-imagination is your favorite: Doug Breuninger’s Ridge Grappler Saferrari or Deven Hitchens' Locked & Loaded Zombie Apocalypse 488? Check out the behind-the-scenes gallery below to help you decide.

Ferrari Re-Imagined  

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