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Big SoCal Euro 2016: Bimmers and Beyond [Gallery]

As the summer heat starts to taper off, Big SoCal Euro brings the second largest European car event to San Diego. With an event that has been running 15 years strong, I can’t understand why I never heard of it until the day prior to the event. Luckily, a friend of mine showed interest on Facebook, and I contacted SoCal Euro to obtain media credentials.

Big SoCal Euro signs

With more than 3,000 cars present, it was definitely great to see cars and vendors I didn’t get to see at Bimmerfest. Nestled in the Qualcomm Stadium lot, the event was organized to have a seamless transition between the enthusiast area and the vendor area while the 1/80mile drag race strip spanned both areas.

Big SoCal Euro at Qualcomm Stadium lot

The best part? It’s free for attendees! My personal favorite was the Tag Motorsports Ferrari 488 GTB with Novitec suspension and Brushed Gold HRE P101s.

Tag Motorsports Ferrari 488GTB with Novitec suspension and Brushed Gold HRE P101

For those of you who couldn't make it, check out the gallery at the top for some of the cool and unique rides I was able to find.

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