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Hydraulic Lift System Coilovers @ KW Suspension

The age old debate of static or bagged is an extensive one that has evolved over the years and has strong points on both ends. But that debate is neither here nor there, instead I’ve come across the KW Suspensions booth at 2014 SEMA Show and found a product that at least tries to combine the two worlds. KW HLC-5 An often forgotten product, KW Suspensions has a Hydraulic Lift System (HLS) that allows their consumer to keep their coilovers but also have the option to easily navigate speed bumps and other obstacles with a push of the button. KW HLC-3 By using a hydraulic cylinder and placing it between the spring and the spring plate, the vehicle can be quickly raised about 45mm and then automatically lowered once reaching a certain speed. KW Suspensions offers and HLS 2, which is installed only on the front axle, and HLS 4, which is installed in the front and rear. KW HLC-4 Another product they have developed with similar features is this Dynamic Level Control (DLC). Using a vehicle specific application, the user can activate electronic control remotely. KW HLC-1

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