You've Been Waiting: SEMA Show Models

We all know you guys have been waiting for this one. TRUTH: I fretted over shooting this. I'd initially suggested doing an off-road feature (yes, I was willing to shoot 4x4's), when my Editor asked me to cover some of the ladies instead. I was professional about it- no problem. I've been shooting and writing for over 14 years now, I've had a good amount of requests for model shoots, but I've always turned them down...seriously. Why? It's just not my specialty. Meanwhile I know guys that couldn't shoot a polaroid that would kill to take pics of girls legitimately LOL. SEMA isn't just the "Superbowl" of cars, it's the "Superbowl" of import models...or any models for that matter. All of the "big names" are here (along with some big egos too). So, I strategically chose a few girls who are favorites of my industry friends. Yes, my friends - I'm married with a kid after all (and another on the way!)... I don't look at girls that way anymore! (Hi Honey!) erica_nagashima Erica Nagashima | Scion - Erica was super nice and accommodating, normally a Hankook Umbrella girl - Erica was working the Scion booth with Hankook missing SEMA this year. This one's for you Tony! jessica_harbor Jessica Harbor | Spyder - Jessica was really nice and seemed to be having a good time considering the amount of people in line waiting. I was the legitimate media weirdo just trying to do my job... and sorry to the girl on the left, you seemed a little put out when I mentioned it was a solo pic of Jessica. ana_cheri Ana Cheri | Heavy Hitters - Ana was nice enough to stop signing autographs and pose next to a vehicle for us... Well, actually a guy cut in front of me and asked her to pose next to a car so I took advantage and got the follow-up shot. jessica_cakes Jessica Cakes | Rohana Wheels - Jessica actually did step away from signing autographs and posed in front of the Rohana logo for me. Extra points for being married to an Asian guy according to my buddy, LOL. I've got some funny friends..ED. jeri_lee Jeri Lee | Savini Wheels - Jeri was SUPER COOL, she was patient enough with the guy in front of us taking pic of her with a selfie stick (yeah... we all love those) and she honestly spent 10 minutes with the guy. I almost wanted to take it for them, but I know he wanted that "selfie" look...Jeri did a few different poses and was as nice as could be. Just as with cars, it's about quality not quantity...


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