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Hyper GT: McLaren Unveils Three-Seat Speedtail With 1,035HP

It’s safe to say that when it comes to supercars and hypercars, McLaren is absolutely killing the game right now. Not long after the reveal of their ultra track-focused Senna, the brand has followed that up with another vehicle that’s just as extreme but different in its purpose.

McLaren Speedtail Front

Known as the Speedtail, McLaren has dubbed the car a “Hyper-GT,” and in comparison to the track-going, slightly odd looking Senna, the Speedtail is a sleek car that almost looks like a throwback to the supercars of the ‘90s.

McLaren Speedtail Rear Side

Of course, the technology is all state of the art, with carbon fiber Monocage construction and an extended body for optimal aero drag. It even has carbon fiber aero covers on the 20-inch wheels.

McLaren Speedtail Wheel

With a 1,035hp hybrid powertrain providing the thrust, the ultra aerodynamic Speedtail will be capable of hitting 250 mph, although we aren’t quite sure where the average person would be able to test that.

McLaren Speedtail Rear

Perhaps the coolest part about the Speedtail is the cockpit, with its three-seat layout with the driver at the center, a direct homage to the iconic McLaren F1 of the 1990s. Never before has riding in the middle seat felt so good.

McLaren Speedtail Interior

The McLaren Speedtail comes with a price of about two million dollars US with just 106 examples planned for production.

McLaren Speedtail Side

Not surprisingly, as with every other low production hypercar release these days, McLaren says every example is already spoken for. Darn, and just as we were getting ready to write our check!

In other really fast car news, Porsche unveiled the throwback 935.

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