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Inside Line: Project Howitzer Ram 2500 Revamped! [Video]

From an off-roader’s perspective, one of the coolest things about the late-model Ram 2500 is the fact that it comes from the factory with solid front and rear axles secured in place by a multilink suspension. The biggest issue with these pickups is that they never made the ultimate off-road configuration from the factory—a regular cab with a short bed. Thankfully, the crew at Offroad Power Products saw the potential for what could be the most capable Ram ever.

This is why OPP started off with a Cummins-powered 2016 Ram 2500 and proceeded to convert it into the incredible wheeling machine you see here today. While it’s evolved quite a bit since it was first built for the 2017 Ultimate Adventure, it’s proven itself on the trail over the past few years. To get the latest on the build, we chatted with OPP’s shop manager Dave Chappelle on one of our favorite Utah trails—Moab Rim.  

ram opp wm lead

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