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Is This LS-Swapped C10 the Perfect Shop Truck?

When someone uses the term “shop truck,” the picture conjured up in most people’s heads would be a beater that's mistreated like a borrowed mule. These vehicles are often leftovers from long dead projects, or acquisitions from haggled deals with former customers. Used and abused, the shop truck ends up living a life of pure utility while dozens of other cars cycle in and out of the business. So when Georgia detail shop SwirlX reached out to us with their latest shop truck, we weren’t sure what to expect. Needless to say, this vintage Chevy C10 redefines what the phrase even means. 

Blue Chevy C10 Side View

At the heart of this restoration lies a GM-sourced 6.2L V8 from a modern full-size truck. LS family engines have become the go-to engine swap for so many cars because they provide the best combination of easy power, reliability, and relative compact dimensions. A Painless wire harness made sure that wiring in the transplant was a breeze. 

GM 6.2L Engine in Chevy C10

For a shop truck, this means more time on the road and less time in the shop taking up time and money. With more than 400hp on tap, it also means that parts-runs and home appointments happen faster than ever. 

Rear Angle of Chevy C10 Restomod

Deviating from the truck’s vintage roots, the owner installed a set of massive 22” Forgiato Maglias. The gloss black faces contrast well with the machined lips, a nice monochromatic combo against the glossy blue paint.

22 inch Forgiato Maglias on Chevy C10

Gorgeous 285/35/22 Nitto 420S All-Season tires give the truck a balanced ride while providing excellent grip on the pavement for the increased power levels produced by the LS engine. An upgraded Wilwood brake system ensures that the truck comes to a stop safely, even with the massive wheels. 

Nitto 420S tires on Chevy C10

Inside, everything has been brought into the modern era with digital instrumentation and air conditioning. Reupholstered black leather contrasts well with the same exterior blue that has been brought inside to coat any interior metal.

Redone Interior of Chevy C10

Overall, this truck balances the job of being both a shop truck and showcase for the brand well. Careful attention to the aesthetics, both inside and out, make for a simple cohesive package, while performance upgrades have prioritized reliability and daily performance over sheer numbers. All in all, this 1970 Chevy C-10 is the perfect shop truck. 

Front View of Chevy C10

Like your C10s a little more conservative? Check out this LS-swapped 1971 Chevrolet C10 with all the right classic touches. 

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