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Jeremy Lopeman's 2015 Widebody Mustang

“First” carries a lot of weight. Be it something as monumental as planting your boot on the surface of the moon or as miniscule as a comment on a brand new YouTube video, it’s still "first." It’s only fitting, then, that today’s spotlight is on Jeremy Lopeman’s 2015 Mustang: the first—and for a long while, only—road-going vehicle to have the RTR widebody kit.

mustangrtr nittoinvo lopeman 3

Back in the beginning of 2016, RTR worked with Elite Automotive Finishes in Mesa, Arizona to measure, develop, and install the first Ready To Rock Spec 5 kit that wasn’t going to be driven by Vaughn Gittin Jr. Of course they'd need a real car to work with, so Jeremy offered up his 2015 GT to go under the knife and Chris Soheren of Elite went to work.

mustangrtr nittoinvo lopeman 33

Once the Mustang reemerged with widened flanks perfectly fitted and painted, the wheel and tire department needed something that would fill the void but not get overshadowed in the arches. Rohana RF-X5s wrapped in Nitto 295/25R20 INVO rubber in the front and INVO 345/25R20 in the rear filled that void, and the gloss gold colorway stands out against the Impact Blue paint perfectly.

mustangrtr nittoinvo lopeman 20

From there, Racemesh upper and lower grilles were fitted, along with a Vega Modified Aluminum front splitter and Fully Torqued Racing splitter rods.

mustangrtr nittoinvo lopeman 37

Right above the front fascia, the CMST Carbon Clearview hood takes center stage, showing off all the color-matched paint work in the engine bay.

mustangrtr nittoinvo lopeman 25

Underneath the hood, a 100mm intake, Airaid Throttlebody spacer, and custom tune controlled by an SCT-X4 in the cabin help the 5.0 breathe easy and make reliable power.

mustangrtr nittoinvo lopeman 28

Inside, a custom blue suede dash and headliner tie the interior to the exterior. An MGW Race Spec shifter and Raceseng weighted shift knob complete the look and feel.

mustangrtr nittoinvo lopeman 49

Moving to the back, the Cervini Eleanor rear quarter window louvers, HCM Carbon GT350 wing and Farmuh Performance rear diffuser add to the aggressive aesthetic, while the Roush axleback exhaust adds more rumble to the rear.

mustangrtr nittoinvo lopeman 15

While this ride may still be evolving—a supercharger may yet be in the cards—it inevitably won’t be the last to street shark the highways of America. That being said, Jeremy certainly has something nobody else can claim: First!

mustangrtr nittoinvo lopeman 36

Specs: 2015 Ford Mustang GT

OWNER Jeremy Lopeman
PERFORMANCE SCT-X4 Tuner, custom tune; JLT 100mm intake; Airaid Throttlebody spacer; MGW Race Spec shifter; Raceseng weighted shift knob; Roush Axelback exhaust; Whiteline transmission mount; Powerstop slotted and drilled rotors; Stoptech SS braided brake lines; Custom OEM paint-matched Brembo 6-piston calipers; RPI Designs radiator cover
SUSPENSION Maximum Motorsports Camber plates, caster plates; Eibach Sportline lowering springs
WHEEL/TIRE Rohana RX-X5 20"x10", 20"x12"; Nitto INVO 295/25R20, 345/25R20; VMS Racing 50 cal spiked lug nuts
EXTERIOR RTR Spec5 widebody kit; Nitto INVO tire lettering; Hollywood Customs AZ satin black wrapped mirrors, roof, decklid; CMST Carbon Clearview hood; HCM Carbon GT350 wing; RaceMesh upper grill, lower grill; Vega Modified aluminum front splitter; Fully Torqued Racing splitter rods; MMD rear decklid with RTR logo; Cervini Elanor rear quarter window louvers; Farmuh Performance 6 piece rear diffuser; OPT7 arrow LED turn signals
INTERIOR Custom blue suede wrapped dashboard, headliner

Sometimes a Mustang is worth fighting for.

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