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Lexus RC F, You've Got Our Hearts Racing (Literally)

DL-RCF-EDIT-3 It seems like we're becoming more connected to our cars in cool, quirky and virtual ways these days (like Matt Powers and his VR drift with Castrol EDGE), and one auto manufacturer is certainly looking to measure heartbeats in a way that no Apple Watch can. Case in point: the Lexus RC F.

In this short clip, which is obviously promotes the awesomeness of the Lexus RC F to viewers, they've been able to connect drivers to the car's 5.0L V8 engine via a special heart rate monitor that's linked to the RC F's electrical system. That system collects biometric data from the driver, sending an electrical signal to the car's body panels, which have been coated in a special Lumilor electroluminescent coating. Those panels light up harmoniously to the driver's heartbeat in real time, and the results are collective "oohs" and "ahhs" from around the office, especially ours. DL-RCF-EDIT-1 Of course, we expect nothing less of cool when it's the same people who brought us the Lexus hoverboard...

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