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Longo Scion iM and iA Launch Event

DrivingLine-Longo-Scion-iM-iA-Launch-JP-01-0811 We teased you with first look reviews for both the 2016 Scion iM and 2016 Scion iA, now they're finally here! Longo Scion in El Monte, CA kicked things off with a little get together to celebrate their arrival of Scion's new vehicles, and to give attendees a little taste of what could be done to these cars, they had Auto Tuned's modified versions front and center. DrivingLine-Longo-Scion-iM-iA-Launch-JP-02-0812 The Scion iM is loaded with premium standard features you wouldn't expect from any base model. Equipped with a large 7-inch touchscreen audio display with 6 speakers, heated power-folding side mirrors and much more, all iMs arrive monospec at the dealer, so its up to you to give it character of its own. Customization is key in Scion's world and Auto Tuned stays true to that with their iM. With only limited aftermarket support at the moment, Auto Tuned worked closely with manufacturers, RS*R USA, Mackin Industries (RAYS Wheels) and NITTO Tire to give this sporty hatchback a more aggressive look. DrivingLine-Longo-Scion-iM-iA-Launch-JP-07-0806 The Scion iA is the company's first sedan, and like the iM, also comes with lots of premium standard features, such as: keyless entry with push button start, low speed pre-collision safety system and enough USB ports to charge two iPhones at the same time. The entire Auto Tuned crew actually arrived to the event in this very iA. As soon as the engine cut off, all four doors popped open and they stepped out like rockstars coming out of the iA, which has been lowered on RS*R coilovers and RAYS Gramlights wheels. DrivingLine-Longo-Scion-iM-iA-Launch-JP-04-0829 For those itching to get a feel of the new cars for themselves, Longo had multiple iMs and iAs available for test drives. DrivingLine-Longo-Scion-iM-iA-Launch-JP-11-0815 Seoul Sausage was also on-hand, and brought Big Momma to serve up yummy sausages on soft rolls and their famous Osaka balls. Click through the gallery below to see more from the night's festivities, including a Toyota Mirai spotting! id  56489
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