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M-EXO-5: The Krowrx MX-5 Miata EXOcar

What's purple, sits on four wheels, has no doors or windows and is made up of 200 feet of steel tubing?


Answer: "M-EXO-5" — Krowrx's MX-5 EXOcar.

Alabama-based Krowrx Fabricators can transform virtually any ride (trucks, four-doors, cabrios, you name it) into an EXO in just 4–6 weeks. We spotted this little Miata creation sitting pretty at GRIDLIFE South 2017 on some Nitto Neo Gen rubber.


Like what you see? We think it's EXOLNT...


See what's up with the rest of the build in the video at the top.

(Video: Donut Media)


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