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Xtegra: The Krowrx Integra EXOcar

How does one decrease a stock car's weight by up to 40 percent?

Integra EXOcar

Answer: Make it into an EXOcar.

The guys for the job? Krowrx Fabrication of Alabama. You may have already seen their Miata EXOcar "M-EXO-5"; also at GRIDLIFE South 2017 was their '97 Integra EXO, called "Xtegra."

Krowrx Honda spoiler

Fitted with Nitto NT01 tires, a rear-mounted radiator and custom rear wing and splitter, this is one EXOcar that's ready to hit the streets! (Of Alabama, that is... Definitely not street-legal in all 50 states.)

Xtegra B18B1 engine

Check out more details in the video at the top.

(Video: Donut Media)

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