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Mackin FR-S Ready for the Pikes Peak Hill Climb

DL-PPIHC-SC-1 Scion Racing is back for its fifth consecutive year at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, or more famously known as the "Race to the Clouds." This year they are collaborating with Evasive Motorsports, GReddy Racing and Mackin Industries, where this sky blue FR-S from Mackin Industries, piloted by respected Time Attack driver Robert Walker, has a good chance of emerging victorious. The Mackin FR-S debuted at SEMA back in 2013 and has been a true crowd pleaser ever since - but now it's time to test its endurance and flex its muscles as it tackles the famed Colorado mountain side. pikes-peak-scion-mackin-frs-1 Could "three-times-the-charm" be in both Walker's and Scion Racing's future? "This will be my third race at Pikes Peak," said Walker. "Experience is especially important at an event like this. We only drive the road at speed in its entirety once each year – on race day. That can be intimidating to any driver. I'm counting on the experience the team and I have gained to give me a heads-up in the competition." Last year Scion Racing finished in 3rd in class with driver Ken Gushi, who switched it up from making clouds of smoke to racing through actual clouds. DL-PPIHC-EM-1 Walker is no newbie to the Scion FR-S, who competed in the Evasive Motorsports Time Attack Scion FR-S in the past, but the team has worked together to make the Mackin FR-S a bigger beast to tame the 12.5-mile, 156-turn, 14,110 feet above sea level challenge. With a larger turbo charger, improved engine/drivetrain cooling systems, a stand-alone ECU, an E85 fuel system and reduced weight and more aggressive aero packages, this FR-S is boasting 480hp and 360lb-ft, and is ready to show Pikes Peak who's boss! pikes-peak-scion-mackin-frs-3 Follow Scion Racing, Evasive Motorsports and GReddy Racing for Insta-coverage of the Walker and the Mackin FR-S at Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. (Photos courtesy of Scion, Scion Racing and Evasive Motorsports)
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