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Master Class: 5 Car Building Tips From Jonathan Ward of ICON

Known as the go-to "bespoke builder," Jonathan Ward of ICON converts classic off-road and passenger vehicles into performance-driven, magnificent works of art, without destroying what made them cool in the first place. Even better, Ward is very open and honest about his process and always willing to share how he got where he is today. Welcome to Driving Line's Master Class. Here are five master car building tips from Jonathan for aspiring car builders:

Jonathan Ward ICON Thriftmaster Before After

1. Respect your perspective.

Many auto enthusiasts are stuck “in silos of compliance,” says Ward. The most noteworthy designs honor an individual’s unique way of looking at things. Let your work reflect the one thing that other’s can’t... your personality.

2. Don't be afraid of boundaries (they don't exist anymore).

The cost of entry for cool stuff, Ward reminds us, is cheaper than ever. We have the access to so many things thanks to the digital age – from inexpensive software to the myriad of advice and sources on the Internet.

3. Have a clear vision.

Don’t start building, Ward insists, until you have a really solid idea of what you want it to be and look like when you’re done.

4. Don't let a lack of education hold you back.

Ward is one of the most successful auto builders in the world and holds no degree in design. He encourages us all to “figure it out” and if worst comes to worse, there’s always “University of YouTube.”

5. Now is the time.

Ward assures every builder that now is the best time to communicate your vision. His advice? “Just get going…”

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