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Meet La Bestioni: 1917 Fire Engine Turned Driving Work of Art

gary-wells If you've ever happened to see La Bestioni, or any of Gary Wales' other creations, chances are you haven't forgotten them. His renovations of long-ago discarded fire engines are massive and memorable. This one, La Bestioni, began it's life as a 1917 fire engine serving Sausalito, California. After an enormous amount of restoration, sourcing of other nostalgic parts, and a unique custom-built body featuring both exotic wood and rusted-panels from the original body - La Bestioni emerged from the rubble to be admired and enjoyed by many. The Beast runs on a 900-cubic-inch, straight 6-cylinder, 14-litre chain-driven engine which Gary reports has pistons "the size of coffee cans." Watch the video to hear the ol' beast start up and more about Gary's passion to restore lost relics. Gary Wales is already working on his next build (we can't wait to see it!), follow along on his FB page. id  22687
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