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Meet Steeda's Hopped-Up Version of the F-150 Raptor

"Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads." —Doc Brown, Back to the Future (1985). The same also holds true for the Steeda F150 Raptor Edition. It don't need no stinking roads. What it does need is a pilot with an all-you-can-eat appetite for off-roading.

Black Steeda Ford F-150 Raptor on Nitto ridge Grappler Tires

As Steeda Performance Vehicles President Bob Adams puts it, "Whatever the challenge, the Steeda Raptor Edition takes performance, style, and handling to an all-new level of unmatched capability. With an amazing 90 horsepower and 130 lb-ft of torque more than a stock Raptor, combined with instantaneous throttle response, on or off-road, this is the ultimate Raptor."

Steeda Ford F-150 Raptor

Fortune Favors the Bold

That's a very bold statement. But when you've achieved what Steeda has both here and with the Ford Mustang, boldness comes with the territory. The Steeda Raptor Edition is the culmination of hard work that started decades ago. See, Steeda's engineers played with toy trucks in the sandbox when they were kids. They still do; just with sandboxes and trucks that are a lot larger now. We're talking large, lifted, fender-flared, fire-breathers in places like Moab or Sedona. The engineers use math and physics to tackle the age-old question, "Wouldn't it be cool if?" At least, as that question applies to cranking out more horsepower, conquering deeper streams and steeper hills. Think of them as a high school math club with an adrenaline kick.

steeda f150 raptor on Nitto Ridge Grappler tires

You see, they figured out the secret a long time ago.  Real monster trucks don’t crush wrecked cars in an arena; real monster trucks are driven – hard – through the dunes, the canyons the bogs, the wilderness; wherever the paved road ends and the adventures begin.

Steeda Ford Raptor rear bumper detail

Whether your idea of a relaxing day off is pulling out stump (or charging over them), there’s a Steeda F-150 Raptor with your name on it. And it’s built to the highest quality standards. That’s why they stand behind it with a three year/36,000 mile limited warranty.

The Speed Trifecta

Steeda tells us their guiding principal is simple: Speed Matters. Which is good, because maximum performance is their business. They achieve it with their own blend of increased power, traction, and refinement. In the case of the Steeda Raptor, they poured their all into making it blow other trucks away. It all starts with a base Ford Raptor and gets faster from there.

Steeda Raptor serial number plate detail

Steeda F-150 Raptor - The Ultimate Raptor

MSRP from $20,995 (plus base Ford vehicle)

Powertrain Upgrades

Steeda  Performance Power Pack Upgrade. This performance modification teams the Steeda /Whipple Mega Cooler, roto-molded high-velocity cold air intake and industry leading custom calibration to make 130 foot pounds of torque and 90 horsepower more than stock. Even better, at 3500 rpm, the system produces over 160 foot pounds of torque over stock giving more power under the curve for incredible throttle response. (540 hp and 670 lb.ft. of torque with 93 Octane Fuel).

Components include:

  • Mega Cooler featuring 54% greater volume than the stock intercooler with a heavy duty bar-plate design
  • Roto-Molded High Velocity Cold Air Intake System
  • Powder Coated Heat Shield for advanced thermal protection
  • High Performance Calibration for increased throttle response and power gains

Steeda F150 Raptor on Nitto Trail Grappler Tires

Exterior Upgrades

  • Addictive Desert Design high strength steel front bumper with dual 1-inch steel clevis tow/recovery points and integrated vented aluminum skid plate powder coated black
  • Addictive Desert Design high strength steel rear bumper with dimpled step played and 1-inch steel clevis tow/recovery points powder coated black
  • Ultra High-power LED off-road lighting by Rigid Industries.
  • FRONT: 40" LED and dual 10-inch Off Road Driving Lights
  • REAR: Dual integrated Projector Back-up Lights
  • "Stubby" billet aluminum radio antenna (powder coated black) provides extra clearance on the trails
  • Exceed Premium rear bed cover (tri-fold design) by Extang
  • BedRug Impact Liner bed liner
  • Steeda graphics package
  • Steeda Engine Bay Serialization Emblem


Optional Upgrades

  • Rigid Industries A-Pillar D-SS Pro Series LED lighting enhancement
  • Rigid Industries front grill LED lighting enhancement
  • Wheel and Tire Upgrades:
  • Steeda Off-Road Tru-Beadlock 6-Lug wheels feature massive locking rings and graded fastening hardware forming a wheel that not only looks great but is extremely durable. Steeda partnered Ultra Wheels and brought to market a unique set of wheels specially made for the Steeda F150 Raptor.  Tested crawling on the rocks in Moab, racing in the sands in Arizona, and traversing the dense wooded trails in Michigan, these wheels passed all of the rigorous torture testing we could throw at them.  Manufactured with the finest materials with the tightest tolerances, these wheels are then finished in Steeda's special ultra-durable powder coating for a long lasting finish. Mated with the 35-inch Nitto Ridge Grappler High Performance Off Road Tires, they are an excellent package for both on and off-road performance.
  • For those wanting to retain their Ford wheels, Steeda can uplift the OEM wheels with 35-inch Nitto Ridge Grappler High Performance Off Road Tires for maximum off-road traction and street quietness. These off-road tires provide the rugged look and ultimate traction you need as well as the quiet needed for highway driving.

Steeda F150 Raptor Fastback

  • Aero X Fastback bed cap - The most innovative and unique truck cap available anywhere. Proudly made in the USA by Michigan Vehicle Solutions, this exclusive patented design, crafted with the finest components available and painted to perfectly match your truck, transforms the exterior appearance of the Raptor while providing secure and watertight storage at the same time. This truck cap is a major advancement in cap design and functionality.
  • Aero X Baja Edition - A chase rack version of the Aero X Bed Cap (above) modified so as to not include the rear hatch back lift gate. 
  • 2.5-inch billet aluminum leveling kit 
  • Addictive Desert Designs Race Series-R chase rack with tire carrier and 50-inch Rigid Industries LED light bar (forward facing) and twin Rigid Industries D-Series Pro (rear facing).
  • Addictive Desert Designs Honeybadger chase rack with roof rack add-on.  Includes two 50-inch Rigid Industries forward facing light bars and six Rigid Industries D-Series Pro flood lights (side facing)
  • Addictive Desert Designs Rock Slider side steps includes integrated LED lighting that provides illumination when the door is open

Nitto Ridge Grappler Tire on Steeda F150 Raptor

Custom Content Packages are also available to custom needs. The Steeda F150 Raptor offers something for everyone. It's the result of over three decades of performance engineering by Steeda. They are individually crafted with performance parts built in the USA and are available with a wide variety of special performance options. Drink in the full details on the truck package here.

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