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///Mmmmm So Good: Vorsteiner's BMW ///M4

10 years ago, Vorsteiner entered the aftermarket by designing and manufacturing aero pieces for the BMW, specifically E46 M3. One of the most popular European vehicles to modify due to its price point, performance and aesthetics - the M3 continues to be a benchmark platform for enthusiasts. Fast forward to 2014, the M3 is now the M4 (BMW moved to even numbers for their 2 door vehicles) and Vorsteiner is a leader in carbon fiber aero and forged wheels for all high end and exotic vehicles.


Vorsteiner offers 2 versions of upgrades for the M4 - the GTS series (featured) and the newly released GTRS series (released at SEMA). Both product lines feature Vorsteiner's Autoclaved Pre-Preg Carbon Fiber structure, which provides superior stiffness, aerospace strength & durability.


The GTS Front Spoiler is a full carbon piece with perfect fitment to the OEM M4 bumper. Fitment is excellent and it utilizes the factory design to maximize airflow, adding additional downforce for added performance. The carbon weave is a 1x1 and is sealed with a 4 stage UV coating process to prevent yellowing.


Despite the low look, I found that the front spoiler wasn't too inhibiting to live with (as most are) - driveways were navigated with ease.


The VSE-003 is a staggered setup, 20x10 up front and 20x11 in the rear.


I found the combo to be stiff and sporty yet still very daily live-able. The suspension utillizes H&R Springs along with the factory optional EDC suspension dampening, great stance.


The rear diffuser really finishes off the rear end well. It completes the otherwise empty center piece between the exhaust tips with carbon fiber (of course) and nicely shaped end pieces at the edge of each side of the rear bumper.


Aero Fins help guide airflow from the underbody out to the rear of the vehicle. Signature Vorsetiner emblem placement on the rear center piece.


Vorsteiner also offers a matching set of Exclusive 90mm Stainless Steel Dual Walled exhaust tips set in Brushed or Diamond Black Finish. They are specifically machined to work in conjunction with the OEM exhaust. They actually alter the sound slightly and are much better looking than their OEM counterparts.


No detail is left untouched with the Vorsteiner M4, down to the plush labeled floormats. After spending a good amount of time with the Vorsteiner M4, I have to say it's the best of most worlds. Subtle, yet striking to with the addition of the gorgeous carbon fiber parts. Liveable and sporty, each piece being purpose built with no waste. Simple and effective - classy if you will. This isn't boy racer aero, it's adult contemporary aero. With the recent introduction of OEM BMW Performance parts to the aftermarket, companies like Vorsteiner will have to continually evolve their product which is a win/win for us consumers. After 10 years (a LONG time in the aftermarket segment) I have no doubt Vorsteiner will be a force to reckon with for sometime to come. Be sure to checkout our walkaround video of the M4 below:

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