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Built-For_Main_august As young kids most of us dreamt of transforming the ordinary into extraordinary, envisioning the sort of amazing car we would have when we grew up. Then we got a job, driver's license, and eventually our first car - soon finding out that the car of our dreams was beyond reach. For us automotive enthusiasts, we never stop yearning for, or attempting to create, that dream car. This month at Driving Line, we're celebrating a few who have stepped up and built the car they've always dreamt of. With purposes as varied as the imagination, these builds all have different goals in mind - some just want to drive where nobody else can get to, others want to sparkle with originality on the show floor. Whatever it is, cars become a vehicle that transports us...not because it can get us from point A to point B, but because it takes us beyond. With a new feature each Monday, check back often... Week 1 - Built for Show: The Iron Orchid

Iron_Orchid_1934Ford_feature copy

Week 2 - Built for IMAGE: Embiricos Bentley


Week 3 - Built for FUN: Twin Custom Ford and Cartoon Drag Merc


Week 4 - Built for BOTH: BMW M5 With More Than a Fancy Stance


-Driving Line: Fueling the Journey
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