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More 1320 Madness From the 2016 NMRA NMCA Super Bowl [Gallery]

It's been a week since the NMRA NMCA Super Bowl went down at Route 66 Raceway but we can still feel the VHT sticking to the bottom of our shoes. Drivers from both esteemed racing camps battled it out for the fastest e.t.s and mph, and at the end pitted the best from both sides against one another to see which would claim the top prize: Nitto Tire Diamond Tree rings, along with bragging rights for the respective series. In the end, it was Team NMCA who reigned supreme.

There are two events remaining: the 15th Annual NMCA World Street Finals on August 25-28, 2016, and the 18th Annual Nitto Tire NMRA World Finals, September 20-October 2, 2016.

Get caught up on our 2016 NMRA NMCA Super Bowl event coverage.


(Photos: Daean Chase and Jose Torres)

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