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One Show, Two Perspectives: George Barris Car Show

Sometimes car show coverage can be pretty dry. Car after car, photo after photo, it’s nice... but nothing like being there. Since we at DrivingLine have such a broad range of automotive interests, we recognize that no two people see things the same way - so we've sent out Scott “Carshowaholic” Martin and Amelia “Motorhead Mama” Dalgaard to walkthough the recent George Barris Car Show in Culver City together and bring back a few of their contrasting viewpoints. It's just like you've stepped into a car show with two very different friends - one a seasoned car show guy who can identify cars better than CSI and the other, a quick witted, unabashedly opinionated, speed loving female...

2015 George Barris' Culver City Car Show

BarrisShow 002 Scott Martin (SM): I told you to stop my bangin’ my head on the glass roof of that El Camino, Mama!..yes my head is harder! Motorhead Mama (MM): The glass roof is cool, mainly because pretty much anything on an El Camino is cool. But isn’t the whole point of that car to be a little on the DL? I can't help but think that sitting in that car would be like being a fly under a magnifying glass. I'm getting a head ache just thinking about it. BarrisShow 001 MM: All I can think about is how many bodies you can fit in the trunk. That’s a Caddie right? Wassup with the rocket launchers on the rear bumper, Scott? SM: It's all about the chrome finish, baby! But even without the chopping and channeling, lowering and wheel skirts, all the original '50s Cadillacs had some major chrome appendages! BarrisShow 003 MM: The BMW 2002tii. I can’t get enough of this car. The restoration is perfect, except for those weird little disco wheels. The carpet just doesn’t quite match the drapes on that one. SM: That ray of customized blue sunshine is so peppy & smooth, it should be on a permanent ridem’ track at the Smithsonian. Nice to see it out of its normal element... Supercar Sunday. It's been supporting this show for 10 years! BarrisShow 004 MM: That Kaiser looks like Jaws from Goldfinger. Wasn’t this the 1950's mail order car? Why should I care? SM: No, MM, it’s not the “Allstate” model you could order through Sears (he says condescendingly).  This is a rare McCulloch/Paxton Superchargered Kaiser Manhattan. Same engine as in the 1957 Studebaker Golden Hawk. BarrisShow 005 MM: This looks like a Second Generation Google Car. To me, it’s less Testarossa and more Porsche 930 with all that black trim. SM: Yeah, the 50cc Honda motorcycle engine-powered 3 wheeler didn’t sell well in the US in 1983 for all the reasons you’re thinking right now. MM: Oh no, you know what I’m thinking! This is gonna get ugly. BarrisShow 006 MM: Oh, George Barris. Thank you so. I always wanted my pimp and my tow truck driver to be the same guy. SM: This quirky example of George Barris’ work is fun, colorful and useful. Originally built for Red Foxx of ‘Sanford & Son’ it currently resides in the GAS (Galpin Auto Sports) auto collection. MM: Thus the Double Ds! Ah, I get it now. I thought it was a dirty joke. BarrisShow 008 BarrisShow 007 SM: I’ve seen this before & still don’t know if I could drive it…kind of like patting your head & rubbing your stomach at the same time. Looks cool until you glance in the cab and it BLOWS YOUR MIND by everything FACING THE WRONG WAY! What do you think, Motorhead Mama? MM: I love the truck, but that just can’t be good idea. Or street legal. But I’ll try anything once…hand over the helmet! BarrisShow 009 MM: What the... SM: So the description goes... originally a (unbelievable) 1984 Camaro Convertible, with a custom fiberglass body hand-built by a Lockhead mold-maker with custom black leopard & zebra interior. Just wow on so many levels, I would have to see which one you'd get into, my Motorhead Mama. MM: Don't tell me there's a Z28 hiding under there!  Poor thing. Although that does work because I'm imagining the driver of this beast to be on the Jersey shore sporting a thick, gold chain and listening to DJ Paulie D. So that's actually perfect. BarrisShow 010 MM: This looks great, but we know that’s not a real Bugatti. If it was, it would be at Mille Muglia right now or accompanied by an armed guard. This is Culver City, not Pebble Beach. CM: I really scrutinized this car right down to the bolts and suspension, but I was skeptical that anyone would bring an actual Type 37 Bugatti to a Culver City show. So I called the owner, who admitted it was a kit, but a good one at that. I generally don’t dig kits, but since 60s Mustangs and '32 Deuce Coupes are being reproduced in close-to-original form, who’s to say what’s good or bad? MM: Me, that's who. It’s bad. You can have it. I’ll take these Chevy vans instead. BarrisShow 011 SM: The Chevy vans of the 60s were not as popular as the VWs or even Econolines, but they had some classic lines that make them pretty desirable today. MM: I love them. Vans are officially back and these are such a great example of American design with incredible personality. Let’s grab Shaggy & Scooby and go! BarrisShow 012 MM: That Pontiac is great. Is it a Chieftan? I’d get closer to check, but those bikers in back are sizing me up something awful. SM: There were so many great cruisers on the main drag of Washington Blvd at the show, it was hard to choose. But this classic Pontiac kind of summed them all up, like perfect in every way a classic cruiser should look and sit when commanding the attention of everyone walking by. And no, pretty Mama, everyone is not staring at you! BarrisShow 013 MM: Ah, the Charger boys are here. It wouldn’t be a car show without their rainbow of flavors, not to mention the Nitrous & LEDs. But I’ve gotta say that vodka powered is a new one. SM: Excuse me, is that Nitrous under your hood or are you just Goosy to see us? Mama, I think these guys are trying to first hypnotize you with their changing headlights and then..bam! Have the Grey Goose kick in! BarrisShow 014 MM: Sorry but I don’t get this kind of restoration of a non-fastback. It looks cool, but it’s too much. Old is gold, baby. SM: Yes, they did throw everything AND the kitchen sink into this one. Plus, they printed up thousands of postcards with the "fer sale" information. It is cherry, but I hope it handles as highly as it is priced. BarrisShow 015 SM: One of the coolest Gassers I've seen - this one by 'The Radiator Lady.'  1959 Rambler Cross Country Wagon drag strip ready with a 410 square inch Olds V8 pushing 573hp with 529 ft lbs of torque & GM Overdrive automatic tranny. Yeah, Mama! MM: Any "lady" who tricks out an old station wagon with over 500 horse is a friend of mine! My only regret is that it isn't being driven by a grannie with cat eyed glasses.  I would toss her a $20 and request that she smoke some tires outside my kids' school. Now THAT's a Motorhead Mama! BarrisShow 016 SM: I just had to put this one in because Rust & Patina Rules! MM: I'm with you, Scott. Rust and patina are cool. Plus, I like a truck whose running boards are absurdly wide. Cuz you never know when you might need to land a fighter jet. BarrisShow 017 SM; This was one of the nicest Corvettes at the George Barris show and there were a TON of them! One of the last cars to leave. MM: I love that Stingray! Between the side intake, chrome exhaust and that sweet paint job, it’s a customization I am into. Especially because I’m gonna need a quick get-a-away car from those cops. I’m pretty sure one is saying to the other, “These car show idiots are like ducks in a barrel. See you on the freeway, Bob!” Stop in to read more of Scott Martin's or Motorhead Mama's articles here at DrivingLine. Photos: Scott Martin

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